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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.222 NO.1 / 1995 )
home Explicit and Asymptotic Formulas for LDMt Factorization of Banded ToeplitzMatrices
Pages 97-126
Lee Hafner James,
home A Conjecture on Permanents
Pages 91-96
Song Seok-Zun,
home Least-Squares Solution of Equations of Motion Under Inconsistent Constraints
Pages 9-14
Franklin Joel,
home Extremal Eigenproblem for Bivalent Matrices
Pages 77-90
Cuninghame-Green R A, Butkovic P,
home Green's Relations in the Matrix Semigroup Mn (S)
Pages 63-76
Shangjun Yang, Ronghua Zhang,
home On the Exponents of Primitive Ministrong Digraphs With Shortest Elementary Circuit Length
Pages 41-62
Wu Xiao-jun, Shao Jia-yu, Jiang Zhi-ming, Zhou Xi-zhao,
home An Identity for Bipartite Matching and Symmetric Determinant
Pages 261-274
Murota Kazuo,
home Pollen Product Factorization and Construction of Higher Multiplicity Wavelets
Pages 241-260
Kautsky Jaroslav, Turcajova Radka,
home Two-Way Bidiagonalization Scheme for Downdating the Singular-Value Decomposition
Pages 23-40
Park Haesun, Huffel Sabine Van,
home Possible Inertia Combinations in the Stein and Lyapunov Equations
Pages 227-240
Dealba Luz M, Johnson Charles R,
home Unitary Equivalence in an Indefinite Scalar: Product An Analogue of Singular-Value Decomposition
Pages 155-226
Bolshakov Yuri, Reichstein Boris,
home A Note on 0-1 Schur Multipliers
Pages 15-22
Livshitz Leo,
home Two Results on the Spectral Radius of a Complex Matrix With Application to Instability
Pages 147-154
Shih Mau-hsiang, Wu Jinn-wen,
home Properties of a Quadratic Matrix Equation and the Solution of the Continuous-Time Algebraic Riccati Equation
Pages 127-146
Xu Hong-guo, Lu Lin-zhang,
home Inequalities for Monotonic Arrangements of Eigenvalues
Pages 1-8
Cain Bryan E, Horn Roger A, Luoluo Li,