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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.218 NO.1 / 1995 )
home Invariance and Commutativity Properties of Some Classes of Solutions of the Matrix Differential Equation X(t)X'(t) = X'(t)X(t)
Pages 89-102
Evard Jean-Claude,
home Structures des Algebres de Bernstein
Pages 77-88
Micali Artibano, Ouattara Moussa,
home Spaces of Hankel Matrices Over Finite Fields
Pages 73-76
Meshulam Roy,
home Recursive Solution of Cauchy-Vandermonde Systems of Equations
Pages 59-72
Heinig Georg, Rost Karla,
home Feedback Invariants for Linear Dynamical Systems Over a Principal Ideal Domain
Pages 29-46
Hermida-Alonso Jose A, Perez M Pilar, Sanchez-Giralda Tomas,
home Perturbations of the Eigenprojections of a Factorized Hermitian Matrix
Pages 273-280
Slapnicar Ivan, Veselic Kresimir,
home On an Inverse Eigenvalue Problem for Unitary Hessenherg Matrices
Pages 263-272
Ammar Gregory S, He Chunyang,
home Geometry and the Norms of Hadamard Multipliers
Pages 239-250
Cowen Carl C, Debro Kelly E, Sepanski Peter D,
home Invariants of Vector-Valued Bilinear and Sesquilinear Forms
Pages 225-238
Garrity Thomas, Mizner Robert,
home On the Minors of an Incidence Matrix and Its Smith Normal Form
Pages 213-224
Grossman Jerrold W, Devadatta, Kulkarni M, Schochetman Irwin E,
home Best-Conditioned Circulant Preconditioners
Pages 205-212
Chan Raymond H, Wong C K,
home Polytopes Related to the Picard Group
Pages 185-204
Monson B, Weiss Asia Ivic,
home Regular Representations of Semisimple Algebras Separable Field Extensions Group Characters Generalized Circulants and Generalized Cyclic Codes
Pages 147-184
Chillag David,
home Symmetry Properties of and Reduction Principles for Divisibility RelationsBetween the Invariant Factors of Products of Holomorphic Matrix Functions
Pages 113-146
Thijsse G P A,
home Characteristic Polynomials of Straffin Digraphs
Pages 103-112
Fisher David C,
home An Identity for Matching and Skew-Symmetric Determinant
Pages 1-28
Murota Kazuo,
home Variational Principles for Indefinite Eigenvalue Problems
Pages 251-262
Binding Paul, Ye Qiang,
home On a Maximum Principle for Inverse Monotone Matrices
Pages 47-58
Turke C, Weber M,