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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.217 NO.1 / 1995 )
home A Characterization of Graphs with Interval Two-Step Graphs
Pages 203-223
J. Richard Lundgren, Sarah K. Metz, John S. Maybee, Craig W. Rasmussen,
home Spectral Radii of Tournament Matrices Whose Graphs are Related by an Arc Reversal
Pages 179-202
Steve Kirkland,
home On the Problem of Consistent Marking of a Graph
Pages 255-263
Fred S. Roberts,
home $S$-Inverse Matrices
Pages 241-253
Thomas Lundy, John S. Maybee, Asok K.Sen,
home Chromatic Numbers of Competition Graphs
Pages 225-239
J. Richard Lundgren, Sarah K. Merz, Craig W. Rasmussen,
home $p$-Competitin Graphs
Pages 167-178
Suh-ryung Kim, Terry A. Mckee, F.R. McMorris, Fred S. Roberts,
home Qualitative Comparative Statics and Audits of Model Performance
Pages 141-154
Douglas Hale, George Lady,
home Sign Determinancy in $LU$ Factorization of $P$-matrices
Pages 155-166
Charles R. Johnson, D.Dale Olesky, P. van den Driessche,
home Matrix Trigonometry
Pages 117-140
Karl Gustafson,
home Tournament Games and Condorcet Voting
Pages 87-100
David C. Fisher, Jennifer Ryan,
home A Bound on the Exponent of a primitive Matrix Using Boolean Rank
Pages 101-116
D.A. Gregory, S.J. Kirkland, N.J. Pullman,
home Optimal Strategies for Random Tournament Games
Pages 83-85
David C. Fisher, Richard B. Reeves,
home Changing and Unchanging of the Radius of a Graph
Pages 67-82
Ronald D. Dutton, Sirisha R. Medidi,
home Conditional Chromatic Numbers with Forbidden Cycles
Pages 53-66
Karen Casey Dargen, Kathryn Fraughnaugh,
home Tolerance Competition Graphs
Pages 41-52
R.C. Brigham, F.R. McMorris, R.P. Vitray,
home On Biclique Decompositions of Complete $t$-partite Graphs
Pages 31-40
Elizabeth D. Boyer, Bryan L. Shader,
home Linear Operators Which preserve Sign-Nonsingular Matrices
Pages 15-29
Leroy B. Beasley, Shumin Ye,
home Loop and Cyclic Niche Graphs
Pages 5-13
Charles A. Anderson,