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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.208 NO.1 / 1994 )
home On Skew Primeness of Inner Functions
Pages 539-551
P. A. Fuhrmann,
home Sum Decompositions of Symmetric Matrices
Pages 523-537
J. A. Dias Da Silva, Daniel Hershkowitz, Hans Schneider,
home The Two-Sided Residue Interpolation in the Stieltjes Class for Matrix Functions
Pages 485-521
Daniel Alpay, Joseph A. Ball, Israel Gohberg, Leiba Rodman,
home On Eigenvalue Variations of Rayleigh Quotient Matrix Pencils of a Definite Pencil
Pages 471-483
Ren-Cang Li,
home On the Maximal Spectral Radius of Even Tournament Matrices and the Spectrum of Almost Slew-Symmetric Compact Operators
Pages 455-469
S. Friedland, M. Katz,
home Antieigenvalues
Pages 437-454
Karl Gustafson,
home On Projections in a Space with an Indefinite Metric
Pages 401-417
Seppo Hassi, Kenneth Nordstrom,
home On Pairs of Projections in a Hilbert Space
Pages 425-435
W.O.Amrein, Kalyan B.Sinha,
home On Semigroups of Matrices with Traces in a Subfield
Pages 419-424
M. Omladic, M. Radjabalipour, H. Radjavi,
home On the Teng Inverse Eigenvalue Problem
Pages 397-399
Khakim D. Ikramov, Vadim N. Chugunov,
home Once More on Algebras Generated by Two Projections
Pages 377-395
Ilya Spitovsky,
home Fist and Second Order Perturbation Bounds for the Operator Absolute Value
Pages 367-376
Rajendra Bhatia,
home Analyzing Specific Cases of an Operator Inequality
Pages 343-365
R. McEachin,
home History and Generality of the CS Decomposition
Pages 303-326
C. C. Paige, M. Wei,
home Invertible Completions of Partial Operator Matrices: The Nonsymmetric Case
Pages 327-341
Mihaly Bakonyi, Charles R. Johnson,
home Perturbation Theory for Rectangular Matrix Pencils
Pages 297-301
G. W. Stewart,
home Defference and Similarity Models of Two Idempotent Operators
Pages 257-282
Jin-Hsien Wang, Pei Yuan Wu,
home Separation Theorems
Pages 239-256
Sujit Kumar Mitra,
home Sign-Central Matrices
Pages 283-295
T. Ando, Richard A. Brualdi,
home The Failure of Factorization of Positive Matrix Functions on Noncircular Contours
Pages 231-237
Alexander Markus, Vladimir Matsaev,