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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.205 NO.1 / 1994 )
home Frequency Responses for Sampled-Data Systems-Their Equivalence and Relationships
Pages 1319-1339
Yutaka Yamamoto, Mituhiko Araki,
home $(J,J')$-Lossless Factorization for Descriptor Systems
Pages 1289-1318
Xin Xin, Hidenori Kimura,
home A Galois Correspondence Between Sets of Semidefinite Solutions of Continuous-Time Algebraic Riccati Equations
Pages 1253-1270
Harald K. Wimmer,
home A Behavioral Approach to Balanced Representations of Dynamical Systems
Pages 1227-1252
Siep Weiland,
home On the Stability Hyperellipsoid of a Schur Polynomial
Pages 1271-1288
Q. -H. Wu, M. Mansour,
home A Cell Structure for the Set of Autoregressive Systems
Pages 1203-1225
Xiaochang Wang, Joachim Rosenthal,
home On Low-Complexity Approximation of Matrices
Pages 1145-1201
Alle-Jan van der Veen, Patrick Dewilde,
home Dynamical Structures on Pencils, Poles, and Fundamental Subspaces
Pages 1061-1079
Cheryl B. Schrader,
home Continuity of Singular Perturbations in the Graph Topology
Pages 1121-1143
J. de Does, J.M. Schumacher,
home Hankel-Norm Approximation and Control Systems
Pages 1081-1120
J. A. Seften, R. J. Ober,
home Acausal Models and Balanced Realizations of Stationary Processes
Pages 997-1043
Giorgio Picci, Stefano Pinzoni,
home Mixed $H_2/H_{infty}$ Control in a Stochastic Framework
Pages 971-996
M. A. Peters, A. A. Stoorvogel,
home A Class of Hamiltonian-Symplectic Methods for Solving the Algebraic Riccati Equation
Pages 1045-1060
Allen C. Raines III, David S. Watkins,
home How Much Integral Action Can a Control System Tolerate?
Pages 965-970
Denis Mustafa,
home Minimality and Observability of Group Systems
Pages 937-963
Hans-Andrea Loeliger, G. David Forney, Thomas Mittelholzer, Mitchell D. Trott,
home Observability of Linear Systems With Saturated Outputs
Pages 909-936
Renee Koplon, Eduardo D. Sontag, M. L. J. Hautus,
home Kernel Representation and Properties of Discrete-Time input-Output Systems
Pages 893-908
A. p.Kishore, J. B. Pearson, Jr,
home Minimal Bases of Matrix Pencils: Algebraic Toeplitz Structure and Geometric Properties
Pages 831-868
Nicos Karcanias,
home Block-Form Control of Linear Time-Invariant Discrete-Time Systems Defined over Commutative Rings
Pages 805-829
E. W. Kamen,
home A Spectral Factorization Algorithm for Discrete-Time Descriptor Systems via Generalized Eigenproblem
Pages 869-891
Tohru Katayama,