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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.203 NO.1 / 1994 )
home Linear-Quadratic Control with and Without Stability Subject to General Implicit Continuous-Time Systems: Coordinate-Free Interpretations of the Optimal Costs Existence and Uniqueness of Optimal Controls and State Trajectories
Pages 607-658
Ton Geerts,
home State Covariance Assignment Problem With Measurement Noise: A Unified Approach Based on a Symmetric Matrix Equation
Pages 579-605
Hisaya Fujioka, Shinji Hara,
home A Duality Theory for Robust Stabilization and Model Reduction
Pages 471-578
P. A. Fuhrmann,
home A Successive Optimal Construction procedure for State Feedback Gains
Pages 659-673
Tomomichi Hagiwara, Mituhiko Araki,
home On Combined $H^{infty}-H^2$ Suboptimal Interpolants
Pages 443-469
Ciprian Foias, Arthur Frazho, Allen Tannenbaum,
home Une Interpretation Algebrique de la Transformation de Laplace et des matrices de Transfert
Pages 429-442
Michel Fliess,
home Uniqueness Properties of Minimal Partial Realizations
Pages 401-427
Sven Feldmann, George Heinig,
home Strong Graph Representations for Linear Time-Varying Systems
Pages 385-399
Avraham Feintuch,
home More on Loewner Matrices
Pages 265-300
Gong-Ning Chen, Hui-Pin Zhang,
home Computing Matrix-Valued Nevanlinna-Pick Interpolation
Pages 253-263
Guanrong Chen, Cetin Kaya Koc,
home Rational Functions, Toda Flows, and LR-Like Algorithms
Pages 359-381
Leonid Faybusovich,
home Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for J-Spectral Factorizations with J-Lossless Property for Infinite-Dimensional Systems in Continuous and Discrete Time
Pages 327-358
Ruth F. Curtain, Alejandro Rodriguez,
home Discrete-Time Linear Periodic Realization in the Frequency Domain
Pages 301-326
Carmen Coll, Rafael Bru, Elena Sanchez, Vicente Hernandez,
home Geometric Aspects of the Caratheodory Extension Problem
Pages 209-251
Chin Chang, Tryphon T.Georgiou,
home Structured matrices and Unconstrained Rational
Pages 155-188
Tibor Boros, Ali H. Sayed, Thomas Kailath,
home Differential Equations and Matrix Inequalities on Isospectral Families
Pages 189-207
Roger Brockett,
home Some Properties of Linear Systems Defined Over a Commutative Banach Algebra
Pages 139-154
Wu Baowei,
home Coupling Operators Wedderburn-Forney Spaces, and Generalized Inverse
Pages 111-138
Joseph A.Ball, Marek Rakowski, Bostwick F.Wyman,
home Column Reduced Rational Matrix Functions With Given Null-Pole Data in the Complex Plane
Pages 67-110
J. A. Ball, M. A. Kaashoek, G. Groenewald, j. kim,
home A New Approach to Modeling for Control
Pages 45-66
A. C. Antoulas,