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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.199 NO.1 / 1994 )
home On the Global and Componentwise Rates of Convergence of the EM Algorithm
Pages 413-425
Xiao-Li Meng, Donald B. Rubin,
home On a Theorem of Wielandt and the Compounds of Unitary Matrices
Pages 391-412
S.W. Drury,
home On $I_p$-Approximate Solutions of Linear Equations
Pages 305-327
Jianming Miao, Adi Ben-Israel,
home Differentiable Families of Subspaces
Pages 229-252
J. Ferrer, M I. Garcia, F. Puerta,
home Degree Sequences and Majorization
Pages 179-211
Srinivasa R. Arikati, Uri N. Peled,
home A Characterization of Matrix Groups That Act Transitively on the Cone of Positive Definite Matrices
Pages 151-170
Steen A. Andersson, Michael D. Perlman,
home Majorization in Economic Disparity Measures
Pages 91-114
Karl Mosler,
home Some Recent Developments on Majorization Inequalities in Probability and Statistics
Pages 69-90
Y.L. Tong,
home An Algorithm for the Multiinput Pole Assignment Problem
Pages 427-444
Rafael Bru, Juana Cerdan, Ana M. Urbano,
home Degree Maximal Graphs are Laplacian Integral
Pages 381-389
Russell Merris,
home A Proof of the Convexity of the Range of a Nonatomic Vector Measure Using Linear Inequalities
Pages 373-379
Alan Hoffman, Uriel G. Rothblum,
home On a Generalization of Cyclic Monotonicity and Distances Among Random Vectors
Pages 363-371
M. Knott, C.S. Smith,
home Roth's Theorems for Matrix Equations with Symmetry Constraints
Pages 357-362
H.K. Wimmer,
home On Sparse Approximations to Randomized Strategies and Convex Combinations
Pages 339-355
Ingo Althofer,
home A Bound for th Determinant of Certain Hadamard Products and for the Determinant of the Sum of Two Normal Matrices
Pages 329-338
S.W. Drury,
home Inequalities Involving Powers of Generalized Inverses
Pages 293-303
B. Mode, J.E. Pecaric,
home On Likelihood-Ratio Ordering of Order Statistics
Pages 281-291
R.B. Bapat, Subhash C. Kochar,
home Local Behavior of Sylvester Matrix Equations Related to Block Similarity
Pages 253-279
M Asuncion Beita, Juan M. Gracia,
home Totally Nonnegative Moment Matrices
Pages 213-227
Berthold Heiligers,
home A Note on the Product Correlation Rule
Pages 171-177
Markus Abt,