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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.194 NO.1 / 1993 )
home Predicting the Structure of Sparse Orthogonal Factors
Pages 183-203
Alex Pothen,
home The Eigenvalue Problem for Infinite Compact Complex Symmetric Matrices with Application to the Numerical Computation of Complex Zeros of $J_0(z) -i J_1(z)$ and of Bessel Functions $J_m(z)$ of any Real Order $m$
Pages 35-70
Yasuhiko Ikebe, Yasushi Kikuchi, Issei Fujishiro, Nobuyoshi Asai, Kouichi Takanashi, Minoru Harada,
home A Krylov Multisplitting Algorithm for Solving Linear Systems of Equations
Pages 9-29
Chiou-Ming Huang, Dianne P. O'leary,
home A Limit Theorem for Monotone Matrix Functions
Pages 205-222
Werner Kratz,
home The Cholesky Method for Interval Data
Pages 161-182
G. Alefeld, G. Mayer,
home Matrix Convexity of Functions of two Variables
Pages 149-160
Jaspal Singh Aujla,
home Computing $A^T A -B^T B =L^T DL$ Using Generalized Hyperbolic Transformations
Pages 135-147
E. Neely Atkinson,
home The Chain Rule for Functions with a Matrix Argument
Pages 125-133
Allen D. Ziebur,
home Criteria for Copositive Matrices of Order Four
Pages 109-124
Li Ping, Feng Yu Yu,
home On the Existence of a Positive Definite Solution of the Matrix Equation $X +A^T X^{-1} A =I$
Pages 91-108
Jacob C. Engwerda,
home Factorization of Hermitian Matrix Polynomials with Constant Signature
Pages 85-90
Dragomir Z. Dokovic,
home On Explicit Forms for Ergodicity Coefficients
Pages 71-83
Adolf Rhodius,
home Computation of Functions of Certain Operator Matrices
Pages 31-34
Lawrence A. Harris,
home Quadratic Characterizations for Reciprocal Linear Difference Equations
Pages 1-7
Daniel Sweet,