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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.192 NO.1 / 1993 )
home Partitioning a Chordal Graph into Transitive Subgraphs for Parallel Sparse Triangular Solution
Pages 329-353
Barry W. Peyton, Alex Pothen, Xiaoqing Yuan,
home Symmetry Stabilization for Fast Discrete Monomial Transforms and Polynomial Evalution
Pages 249-299
Sean S. B. Moore, Dennis M. Healy, Jr., Daniel N. Rockmore,
home On the Recongnition of S-Systems
Pages 187-204
Victor Klee, Balder Von Hohenbalken, Ted Lewis,
home Finite Precision Behavior of Stationary Iteration for Solving Singular Systems
Pages 165-186
Nicholas Higham, Philip A. Knight,
home Recognizing Badly Presented Z-Modules
Pages 137-163
George Havas,
home Spectral Radii of Certain Iteration Matrices and Cycle Means of Digraphs
Pages 61-81
Ludwig Elsner, Daniel Hershkowitz, Hans Schneider,
home Solving Linear Equations Over GF(2): Block Lanczos Algorithm
Pages 32-60
Don Coppersmith,
home Automorphisms and Nonabelian Cohomology: An Algorithm
Pages 355-382
K. W. Roggenkamp, L. L. Scott,
home Factorization of Polynomials and Some Linear-Algebra Problems Over Finite Fields
Pages 301-328
Harald Niederreiter,
home On Vector Enumeration
Pages 235-248
S. A. Linton,
home A Construction of $hat 3$McL and Some Representation Theory in Characteristic 5
Pages 205-234
W. Lempken, R. Staszewski,
home Conjugacy Class Sums for Induced Modules: Construction and Applications
Pages 115-135
Holger W. Gollan,
home Rational Orthogonal Similarity of Rational Symmetric Matrices
Pages 109-114
Shmuel Friedland,
home Connections Between the Algorithms of Berlekamp and Niederreiter for Factoring Polynomials over $F_q$
Pages 101-108
Peter Fleischmann,
home Minimal Polynomials of Integral Symmetric Matrices
Pages 83-99
Dennis R. Estes, Robert M. Guralnick,
home The Real Positive Definite Completion Problem for a Simple Cycle
Pages 3-31
Wayne Barrett, Charles R. Johnson, Pablo Tarazaga,