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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.188 NO.1 / 1993 )
home On Computing the Eigenvalues of a Symplectic Pencil
Pages 591-611
R. V. Patel,
home Column Reduction of Polynomial Matrices
Pages 569-589
W. H. L. Neven, C. Praagman,
home Balanced Realization of Separable-Denominator Multidimensional Systems
Pages 521-547
Pradeep Misra, Thulasinath Manicham,
home An Iterative Algorithm for the Solution of the Discrete-Time Algebraic Riccati Equation
Pages 465-488
Lin-Zhang Lu, Wen-Wei Lin,
home Contragredient Transformations Applied to the Optimal Projection Equations
Pages 665-676
Dragan Zigic, Layne T. Watson, Christopher Beattie,
home Product Rules for the Displacement of Near-Toeplitz Matrices
Pages 641-663
David H. Wood,
home Computing Normal External Descriptions and Feedback Design
Pages 613-639
Vassilis Syrmos, Petr Zagalak,
home On the $QR$ Algorithm and Updating the SVD and the URV Decomposition in Parallel
Pages 549-568
Marc Moonen, Paul Van Dooren, Filiep Vanpoucke,
home Parallel Algorithm for Solving Some Spectral Problems of Linear Algebra
Pages 489-520
Alexander N. Malyshev,
home A Symplectic Acceleration Method for the Solution of the Algebraic Riccati Equation on a Parallel Computer
Pages 437-463
W. W. Lin, S. S. You,
home Computation of System Zeros with Balancing
Pages 423-436
A. Scottedward Hodel,
home Stable Row Recurrences for the Pade Table and Generically Superfast Lookahead Solvers for Non-Hermitian Toeplitz Systems
Pages 351-421
Martin H. Gutknecht,
home A Global Minimum search Algoithm for Estimating the Distance to Uncontrollability
Pages 305-350
Mei Gao, Michael Neumann,
home Formally Biorthogonal Polynomials and a Look-Ahead Levinson Algorithm for General Toeplitz Systems
Pages 255-303
Roland W. Freund, Hongyuan Zha,
home A Quadratically Convergent Local Algorithm on Minimizing th Largest Eigenvalue of a symmetric Matrix
Pages 231-253
Michael K. H. Fan,
home Perturbation and Interlace Theorems for the Unitary Eigenvalue Problem
Pages 207-229
Ludwig Elsner, Chunyang He,
home Structured Total Least Squares and $L_2$ Approximation Problems
Pages 163-205
Bart De Moor,
home Feedback Stabilization of a Second-Order System: A Nonmodal Approach
Pages 135-161
Biswa Nath Datta, Fernando Rincon,
home On the Stability Radius of a Generalized State-Space System
Pages 113-134
Ralph Byers, N. K. Nichols,
home Method of Centers for Minimizing Generalized Eigenvalues
Pages 63-111
Stephen Boyd, Laurent El Ghaoui,