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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.187 NO.1 / 1993 )
home The Prolate Matrix
Pages 269-278
J. M. Varah,
home Derivations of Upper Triangular Matrix Rings
Pages 263-267
Sonia P. Coelho, C. Polcino Milies,
home Some Further Notes on the Marcus-de Oliveira Determinantal Conjecture
Pages 259-262
Jorma Kaarlo Merikoski, Ari Virtanen,
home The Spectral Radius of a Planar Graph
Pages 251-257
Dasong Cao, Andrew Vince,
home Sums of Projections
Pages 239-249
Eugene Spiegel,
home Decomposing Samuelson Maps
Pages 227-238
L. Andrew Campbell,
home A Nonextremal Camion Basis
Pages 195-199
R. G. Bland, C. W. Ko, B. Sturmfels,
home Qualitative Controllability and Uncontrollability by a Single Entry
Pages 183-194
D. D. Olesky, Michael Tsatsomeros, P. Van Den Driessche,
home On the Structure of Commutative Matrices
Pages 163-182
Tomaz Kosir,
home Implications of Convergence Rates in Sinkhorn Balancing
Pages 109-112
Eva Achilles,
home Description de AlgLat $A$ Pour un Operateur $A$ Algebrique
Pages 105-108
M. Benlarbi Delai, B. Charles,
home Structure of the $n$th Roots of a Matrix
Pages 59-66
Gabrielle Ten Have,
home Decomposable Matrix Polynomials
Pages 41-58
K. -H. Forster, B. Nagy,
home The Sharp Lipschitz Constants for Feasible and Optimal Solutions of a Perturbed Linear Program
Pages 15-40
Wu Li,
home Invariant Factors of an Endomorphism and Finite Free Resolutions
Pages 201-226
Jose A. Hermida-Alonso, Miriam Pisonero,
home The Finite-Horizon Singular $H_infty$ Control Problem with Dynamic Measurement Feedback
Pages 113-161
A. A. Stoorvogel, H. L. Trentelman,
home On Discrete-Time Diagonal and D-Stability
Pages 87-104
Amit Bhaya, Eugenius Kaszkurewicz,
home On Domains of Superior Convergence of the SSOR Method to That of the SOR Method
Pages 67-85
A. Hadjidimos, Michael Neumann,
home The linear Complementarity Problem, Sufficient Matrices, and the Criss-Cross Method
Pages 1-14
D. Den Hertog, C. Roos, T. Terlaky,