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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.184 NO.1 / 1993 )
home Stuctures of $p$-Isometric Matrices and Rectangular Matrices with Minimum $p$-Norm Condition Number
Pages 261-278
Cheng Wang, Dao-Sheng Zheng, Guo-Liang Chen, Shu-Qin Zhao,
home Some Eigenvalue Inequalities for Positive Semidefinite Matrix Power Products
Pages 249-260
Bo-Ying Wang, Ming-Peng Gong,
home The Structure of Generalized Permanent Semigroups
Pages 235-247
LeRoy B. Beasley, Larry J. Cummings,
home Generalized Stein-Rosenberg Theorems for the Regular Splittings and Convergence of Some Generalized Iterative Methods
Pages 207-234
Wang Xinmin,
home On Inequalities for Eigenvalues of Matrices
Pages 201-206
Michael I. Gil',
home Minimal Separators of 2-Chordal Graphs
Pages 187-199
Scott McCullough,
home A Restricted Signature Normal Form for Hermitian Matrices, Quasi-Spectral Decompositions, and Applications
Pages 165-186
Roland W. Freund, Thomas Huckle,
home On the Extension of Linear Contractions: Some Results of the Hahn-Banach Type
Pages 145-163
W. Hasselbarth, E. Ruch,
home Bounds on the Exponent of Primitivity Which Depend on the Spectrum and the Minimal Polynomial
Pages 103-122
Robert E. Hartwig, Michael Neumann,
home An Efficient Basis Update for Asymptotic Linear Programming
Pages 83-102
Bernard F. Lamond,
home On the Orthogonal Invariants of a Subspace of a Vector Space over a Finite Field of Even Characteristic
Pages 135-143
Zhe-Xian Wan,
home On the Orthogonal Invariants of a Subspace of a Vector Space over a Finite Field of Odd Characteristic
Pages 123-133
Zhe-Xian Wan,
home A Bijective Proof of Muir's Identity and the Cauchy-Binet Formula
Pages 79-82
Jiang Zeng,
home An Arithmetic-Geometric-Harmonic Mean Inequality Involving Hadamard Products
Pages 71-78
Roy Mathias,
home The Relation Between the Jordan Structure of a Matrix and Its Graph
Pages 55-69
Daniel Hershkowitz,
home Convertible, Nearly Decomposable, and Nearly Reducible Matrices
Pages 37-53
Bryan L. Shader,
home Bezout, Hankel, Loewner Matrices
Pages 13-36
Vlastimil Ptak, Zdenek Vavrin,
home Nonsingular Sign Patterns and the Orthogonal Group
Pages 1-12
Chjan C. Lim,