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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.183 NO.1 / 1993 )
home Multidimensional Stochastic Matrices and Error-Correcting Codes
Pages 255-276
J. P. R. Christensen, P. Fischer,
home The Laurent Expansion of Pencils That are Singular at the Origin
Pages 237-254
Paul Schweitzer, G. W. Stewart,
home Indecomposable Baric Algebras
Pages 223-236
Roberto Costa, Henrique Guzzo Jr.,
home Appell's and Humbert's Functions of Matrix Arguments
Pages 201-221
A. M. Mathai,
home More on Structure-Ranks of Matrices
Pages 193-199
Richard A. Brualdi, Jennifer J. Q. Massey,
home An Inversion Formula and Fast Algorithms for Cauchy-Vandermonde Matrices
Pages 179-191
Tilo Finck, Georg Heinig, Karla Rost,
home The Structure Matrix of the Class of $r$-Multigraphs with a Prescribed Degree Sequence
Pages 155-177
T. S. Michael,
home The Maximum Determinant of an $n times n$ Lower Hessenberg (0,1) Matrix
Pages 147-153
Li Ching,
home On Ordering Properties of Generalized Inverses of Nonnegative Definite Matrices
Pages 131-146
P. Bhimasankaram, Thomas Mathew,
home On the Invertibility of the Map $T rightarrow STS^{-1}+S^{-1}TS$ and Operator-Norm Inequalities
Pages 117-129
Leonya Livshits, Sing-Cheong Ong,
home A Perturbation Analysis of the Problem of Downdating a Cholesky Factorization
Pages 103-115
C.-T. Pan,
home Linear Preservers on Spaces of Hermitian or Real Symmetric Matrices
Pages 89-102
Ehud Moshe Baruch, Raphael Loewy,
home Invariant Subspaces and Invertibility Properties for Singular Systems: The General Case
Pages 61-88
Ton Geerts,
home Properties of Linear Approximations of Matrices in the Spectral Norm
Pages 41-60
K. Zietak,
home Extreme Chordal Doubly Nonnegative Matrices with Given Row Sums
Pages 23-39
Naomi Shaked-Monderer,
home Predecessor Property, Full Combinatorial Column Rank, and the Height Characteristic of an $M$-Matrix
Pages 1-22
Rafael Bru, Rafael Canto,