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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.180 NO.1 / 1993 )
home From the Editor-in-Chief
Pages 1-6
Richard A. Brualdi,
home Spectra with Positive Elementary Symmetric Functions
Pages 247-261
Charles R. Johnson, D.D. Olesky, Michael Tsatsomeros, van den Driessche,
home Associative Bilinear Forms in Some Baric Algebras
Pages 219-226
R. Baeza-Vega, R. Benavides,
home Fields of Values and the ADI Method for Non-normal Matrices
Pages 199-218
Gerhard Starke,
home Field of Values and Iterative Methods
Pages 167-197
Michael Eiermann,
home Idempotence for Sign-Pattern Matrices
Pages 153-165
Carolyn Eschenbach,
home Direct Complements of Invariant Lagrangian Subspace and Minimal Factorizations of Skew-Symmetric Rational Matrix Functions
Pages 61-94
Andre C. M. Ran, Leiba Rodman, Jonathan E. Rubin,
home Monotonic Sequence and Rates of Convergence of Asynchronized Iterative Methods
Pages 17-33
L. Elsner, M. Neumann,
home The Weak Identity $T_{2n}$ for $n times n$ symmetric Matrices
Pages 239-245
Wenxin Ma,
home A New Extension of Leverrier's Algorithm
Pages 227-238
Guorong Wang, Yuhua Lin,
home Lower Bounds for the Perron Root of a Nonnegative Matrix
Pages 133-151
L. Yu. Kolotilina,
home Nonconvexity of the Permanental Numerical Range
Pages 121-131
Shu-An Hu, James F. Hurley, Tin-Yau Tam,
home Continuous and Differentiable Multidimensional Iterative Interpolation
Pages 95-120
Jean-Pierre Mongeau, Gilles Deslauriers, Serge Dubuc,
home Perturbation of Spectral Inverses Applied to a Boundary Layer Phenomenon Arising in Chemical Networks
Pages 35-59
Erich Bohl, Peter Lancaster,
home Closing the Gap in a Subspace Perturbation Bound
Pages 7-15
R. McEachin,