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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.179 NO.1 / 1993 )
home Relative Entropy under Mappings by Stochastic Matrices
Pages 211-235
Joel E. Cohen, Yoh Iwasa, Gh. Raytu, Mary Beth Ruskai, Eugene Seneta, Gh. Zbaganu,
home On the Sandwich Semigroups of Circulant Boolean Matrices
Pages 135-160
Wenchao Huang,
home Power Convergent Boolean Matrices
Pages 105-117
D. A. Gregory, S. Kirkland, N. J. Pullman,
home Description of the Optimal Solution Set of the Linear Programming Problem and the Dimension Formula
Pages 19-32
Isaiah L. Kantor,
home Jacobi Fields on Space of Positive Operators
Pages 271-275
G. Corach, H. Porta, L. Recht,
home Inverse Problems for Positive Hermitian Block Toeplitz Matrices and Nondegenerate Schur Sequences
Pages 237-270
Bernd Fritzsche, Bernd Kirstein,
home A Note on the Lattice Definability of Bernstein Algebras
Pages 203-210
Teresa Cortes,
home A Perturbation Bound for Definite Pencils
Pages 191-202
Ren-cang Li,
home The Symmetric Solution of the Matrix Equations $AX+YA=C, ; AXA^T +BYB^T =C$, and ($A^TXA, B^TXB)=(C,D)$
Pages 171-189
Xiao-Wen Chang, Jia-Song Wang,
home Furuta's Inequality and Its Application to Ando's Theorem
Pages 161-169
Masatoshi Fujii, Takayuki Furuta, Eizaburo Kamei,
home A characterization of the Moore-Penrose Inverse
Pages 129-133
Miroslav Fiedler,
home Structure Ranks of Matrices
Pages 119-127
Miroslav Fiedler, IMA / University of Minnesota,
home Efficient Algorithms for the Solution of Block Linear Systems with Toeplitz Entries
Pages 85-104
George-Othon Glentis, Nicholas Kalouptsidis,
home Products of Cyclic Conjugacy Classes in the Groups PSL($n,F$)
Pages 59-83
Arieh Lev,
home Analytical Bounds for Block Approximate Factorization Methods
Pages 33-57
Magolu Monga-Made,
home A Generalization of the Hoffman-Wielandt Theorem
Pages 11-17
Rajendra Bhatia, Tirthankar Bhattacharyya,
home On the Eigenvalues and Diagonal Entries of a Hermitian matrix
Pages 7-10
Enzhong Fu, Thomas L. Markham,
home Reflectors on Vector Spaces
Pages 1-6
Joseph R. Siler, Richard D. Hill,