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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.162 NO.1 / 1992 )
home Report : Directions in Matrix Theory, Auburn 1990, Conference Report
Pages 711-797
Frank Uhlig, Tin-Yau Tam, David Carlson,
home Minimal Realizations for Discrete-Time Linear Periodic Systems
Pages 685-708
Elena Sanchez, Vicente Hernandez, Rafael Bru,
home Spectral Properties of a Matrix Redheffer
Pages 673-683
Wayne W. Barrett, Tyler J. Jarvis,
home The Convexity of a Generalized Matrix Range
Pages 663-672
Yiu Tung Poon,
home $LDL^T$ Factorizations of Adjacency Matrices Where $D$ Is Block Diagonal
Pages 651-662
Jean H. Bevis, Frank J. Hall,
home Descending Chains of Immanants
Pages 639-650
Thomas H. Pate,
home The Connected Components of the Set of $R_0$-Matrices
Pages 627-637
Walter Morris,
home Linear Preservers on Powers of Matrices
Pages 615-626
Gin-Hor Chan, Ming-Huat Lim,
home Explicit Jordan Form for Certain Block Triangular Matrices. II
Pages 601-613
Charles R. Johnson, Erik A. Schreiner,
home Linear Operators Strongly Preserving $r$-Potent Matrices Over Semirings
Pages 589-599
LeRoy B. Beasley, Sang-Gu Lee,
home On Practical Algorithms for Accelerated Matrix Multiplication
Pages 557-588
Julian Laderman, Victor Pan, Xuan-He Sha,
home An Inertia Formula for Hermitian Matrices With Sparse Inverses
Pages 541-556
Charles R. Johnson, Michael Lundquist,
home On the Matrix Equation $f(X) = A$
Pages 447-519
Jean-Claude Evard, Frank Uhlig,
home On the Optimum Relaxation Factor Associated With $p$-Cyclic Matrices
Pages 433-445
S. Galanis, A.Hadjidimos, D. Noutsos, M. Tzoumas,
home Unitary Solutions of a Class of Algebraic Riccati Equations and Factorization
Pages 521-540
A.C.M. Ran,
home Some Open Problems in Matrix Theory Arising in Linear Systems and Control
Pages 409-432
Dennis S. Bernstein,
home Normal Forms of Holomorphic Matrix-Valued Functions and Corresponding Forms for Singular Differential Operators
Pages 389-407
A.I. Tovbis,
home On the Spectra of Gaussian Matrices
Pages 385-388
Eric Kostlan,
home On the Extremal Points of a Class of Polytopes of Matrices
Pages 369-383
Ahmad Muchlis,
home On Tournament Matrices
Pages 335-368
Bryan L. Shader,