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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.148 NO.1 / 1991 )
home On the Set of Indices of Convergence for Reducible Matrices
Pages 265-278
Zhi-min Jiang, Jia-Yu Shao,
home Matrix Partial Orders Through Generalized Inverses: Unified Theory
Pages 237-263
Sujit Kumar Mitra,
home Some Sufficient Conditions for the Solvability of Inverse Eigenvalue Problems
Pages 225-236
Luoluo Li,
home On Pairs of Almost Diagonal Matrices
Pages 193-223
Vjeran Hari,
home Generalized Singular Values, Interlacing Inequalities, and Monotonic Norms
Pages 179-192
Eduardo Marques de Sa, Maria Jose Sodupe,
home Sur les Algebres de Bernstein Qui Sont des $T$-Algebres
Pages 171-178
Moussa Ouattara,
home On the Structure at Infinity of a Structured System
Pages 145-169
J. W. Woude,
home Inheritance Principles for Chordal Graphs
Pages 125-143
Mihai Bakonyi, Tiberiu Constantinescu,
home Diagonal Transformation Methods for Computing the Maximal Eigenvalue and Eigenvector of a Nonnegative lrreducible Matrix
Pages 93-123
Pham Van At,
home Linear Maps on Symmetric Spaces: The invariance of Nonzero Decomposable Elements
Pages 89-92
M. H. Lim,
home Separating Eigenvalues Using the Matrix Sign Function
Pages 75-88
Eberhard U. Stickel,
home Matrices with Prescribed Eigenvalues and Blocks
Pages 59-73
Fernando C. Silva,
home Monotonicity properties of Norms
Pages 43-58
Charles R. Johnson, Peter Nylen,
home Matrices Originating From Certain Difference Equations
Pages 27-42
Wai-Fong Chuan,
home Matrix Algebras and Radjavi's Trace Condition
Pages 19-25
M. A. Dehghan, M. Radjabalipour,
home Generalized Inverses With Respect to General Norms. II
Pages 13-18
K. P. S. Bhaskara Rao,
home On Train Algebras of Rank $3^\dagger$
Pages 1-12
R. Costa,