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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.147 NO.1 / 1991 )
home A Canonical Form Under $\varphi$-Equivalence
Pages 501-549
Yoopyo Hong,
home A Tree of Generalizations of the Ordinary Singular Value Decomposition
Pages 469-500
Bart De Moor, Hongyuan Zha,
home A Uniform Algorithm for the Transformation of Multivariable Systems into Canonical Forms
Pages 441-467
T. Boros, P. Rozsa, L. Mironovskij, N. Mihajlov,
home Normal Forms of Symplectic Pencils and the Discrete-Time Algebraic Riccati Equation
Pages 411-440
Harald K. Wimmer,
home The Jordan canonical Form of a Product of a Hermitian and a Positive Semidefinite Matrix
Pages 373-386
Yoopyo Hong, Roger A. Horn,
home Canonical Forms of Pairs of Complex Matrices
Pages 387-410
Vlastimil Dlab,
home Pencils of Complex and Real Symmetric and Skew Matrices
Pages 323-371
Robert C. Thompson,
home Two-Generated Commutative Matrix Subalgebras
Pages 249-273
Thomas J. Laffey, Susan Lazarus,
home Unified Canonical Forms for Matrices Over a Differential Ring
Pages 201-248
J. Zhu, C. D. Johnson,
home Simultaneous Reduction of a Complex Skew Matrix and a Hermitian Matrix
Pages 275-322
Barbara A. Li Santi, Robert C. Thompson,
home Induced Norms of the Schur Multiplier Operator
Pages 181-199
T. Ando, K. Okubo,
home A Survey of Canonical Forms and Invariants for Unitary Similarity
Pages 101-167
Helene Shapiro,
home A Continuous Jacobi-Like Approach to the Simultaneous Reduction of Real Matrices
Pages 75-96
Moody T. Chu,
home Normal Approximants to Binormal Operators
Pages 169-179
Rajendra Bhatia, Roger A. Horn, Fuad Kittaneh,
home A Note on Generalized Invariant Cones and the Kronecker Canonical Form
Pages 97-100
Ronald J. Stern, Henry Wolkowicz,
home Similarity Invariants for Pairs of Upper Triangular Toeplitz Matrices
Pages 17-44
H. Bart, G. Ph. A. Thijsse,
home A Spectral-Radius Formula for Symmetric Operators in Finite-Dimensional Krein Spaces
Pages 3-16
Janos Bognar,
home Peak Characteristic and Nonnegative Signature
Pages 55-73
Daniel Hershkowitz,
home The Primary Decomposition of a Set of Matrices
Pages 45-53
Donald W. Robinson,