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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.145 NO.1 / 1991 )
home Some Remarks on the Spectra of Hermitian Matrices
Pages 221-229
J. Kovac-Striko, K. Veselic,
home Bernstein Algebras Given by Symmetric Bilinear Forms
Pages 213-219
Irvin Roy Hentzel, Luiz Antonio Peresi,
home Range Decompositions and Generalized Square Roots of Positive Semidefinite Matrices
Pages 201-212
Donald Pierce,
home Some Results on Sparse Block Factorization Iterative Methods
Pages 187-199
Guo Chun-Hua,
home Path Components of Matrices and Strong Shift Equivalence Over $Q^+$
Pages 177-186
K. H. Kim, F. W. Roush,
home Structure and Arithmetic Complexity of Products and Inverses of Toeplitz Matrices
Pages 159-175
Elliot Linzer, Martin Vetterli,
home On the Structure of the Stochastic Idempotent Matrix Space
Pages 141-158
Raul Ernesto Gonzalez, D. J. Hartfiel,
home On the Regularity of Matrices in $min$ Algebra
Pages 127-139
P. Butkovic, R. A. Cuninghame-Green,
home Almost $N$-Matrices and Linear Complementarity
Pages 107-125
C. Olech, T. Parthasarathy, G. Ravindran,
home Cesaro Means and the Kreiss Matrix Theorem
Pages 89-106
John C. Strikwerda, Bruce A. Wade,
home A Quadratically Convergent Parallel Jacobi Process for Diagonally Dominant Matrices With Nondistinct Eigenvalues
Pages 71-87
M. H C. Paardekoopr,
home Majorization and Singular Values. III
Pages 59-70
R. B. Bapat,
home On the Growth of Infinite Products of Slowly Varying Primitive Matrices
Pages 33-57
Marc Artzrouni,
home The Structure Matrix and a Generalization of Ryser's Maximum Term Rank Formula
Pages 21-31
T. S. Michael,
home Matrices Over Rings of Algebraic Integers
Pages 1-20
Morris Newman, Robert C. Thompson,
home The Angle Between Two Cones
Pages 63-70
David G. Obert,