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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.141 NO.1 / 1990 )
home Corrections to ""A Convexity Lemma on the Interlacing Inequalities for Invariant Factors""
Pages 293
E. Marques de Sa,
home A Note on the Minimal Polynomial of the Kronecker Sum of Two Linear Operators
Pages 283-287
J. A. Dias da Silva, Yahya Ould Hamidoune,
home Concerning Hypernormal Stochastic Matrices
Pages 275-281
Richard Sinkhorn,
home On the Spectral Radius of the Product of Matrix Exponentials
Pages 271-273
Elliott H. Lieb,
home Expreesing a Polynomial as the Characteristic Polynomial of a Symmetric Matrix
Pages 265-270
Miroslav Fiedler,
home Continuity Properties of $Hyperlat$ and Reducing Subspaces
Pages 253-264
A. A. Jafarian, A. R. Sourour,
home Bounds on Expected Hitting Times for a Random Walk on a Connected Graph
Pages 241-252
Jose Luis Palacios,
home The Spectral Radius of a Product of Nonnegative Matrices
Pages 227-240
Charles R. Johnson, Rafael Bru,
home Maximal Abelian Subalgebras of Complex Orthogonal Lie Algebras
Pages 183-220
V. Hussin, P. Winternitz, H. Zassenhaus,
home A Note on the Convergence of the MSOR Method
Pages 223-226
M. Madalena Martins,
home A Note on a Determinantal Inequality
Pages 221-222
Shmuel Friedland,
home Perturbation of the Least Squares Problem
Pages 177-182
Musheng Wei,
home From Simple to Complicated: Noncausal Bounded Input, Bounded Output Stability in Linear Discrete Time Models in the Deterministic and Stochastic Cases
Pages 153-164
J. W. Nieuwenhuis,
home The Partial Order Graph for a $ZME$-Matrix
Pages 123-152
Jeffrey L. Stuart,
home Transfer Matrices, Realization, and Control of Continuous-Time Linear Time-Varying Systems via Polynomial Fractional Representations
Pages 79-104
Erol Emre, Heng-Ming Tai, Jin H. Seo,
home Relations Between SVD and GSVD of Discrete Reguarization Problems in Standard and General Form
Pages 165-176
Christian Hansen,
home A Schur Analysis Approach to Minimum Distance Problems
Pages 105-122
W. Apitzsch, B. Fritzsche, B. Kirstein,
home Weitere Unzulassige Abwandlungen der Vermutung von Wilkinson
Pages 75-78
Heinrich Puschmann,
home On Weakly Completely Mixed Bimatrix Games
Pages 61-74
A. P. Jurg, M. J. M. Jansen, T. Parthasarathy, S. H. Tijs,
home Pencils of Real Symmetric and Real Algebraic Curves
Pages 53-60
Miroslav Fiedler,