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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.139 NO.1 / 1990 )
home The Constraints of the Group of an Integral Monoid
Pages 285-292
Jennifer Ryan,
home The Spectral Norm of a Nonnegative Matrix
Pages 269-284
Roy Mathias,
home A Study of Projectionally Exposed Cones
Pages 225-252
Chen-Han Sung, Bit-Shun Tam,
home Relative Eigenvalues of a Definite Matrix Pair
Pages 253-267
Ji-Guang Sun,
home A Contribution to the Theory of $P$-Matrices
Pages 217-224
Tomasz Szulc,
home Contraction Numbers for Additive Correction Methods
Pages 207-215
S. H. Chou, T. A. Porsching,
home Generalization of the Algebraic Discrete Fourier Transform with Application to Fast Convolutions
Pages 181-206
Gabriele Steidl,
home On the Duality Principle for Linear Dynamical Systems Over Commutative Rings
Pages 175-180
J. A. Hermida-Alonso, T. Sanchez-Giralda,
home Nonsingularity Under Data Rounding
Pages 171-174
Jiri Rohn,
home A Geomatric Property of the Least Squares Solution of Linear Equations
Pages 165-170
Aharon Ben-Tal, Marc Teboulle,
home On the Variation of the Spectra of Matrix Pencils
Pages 147-164
Ren-cang Li,
home Monge Sequences, Antimatroids, and the Transportation Problem with Forbidden Arcs
Pages 133-145
Brenda L. Dietrich,
home Displacement Operator Based Decompositions of Matrices Using Circulants or Other Group Matrices
Pages 111-131
Paul D. Gader,
home A Note on Conjugate Toeplitz Matrices
Pages 103-109
Ntumba Tshimvunda Keliba, Dirk Huylebrouck,
home $N$-Matrices
Pages 89-102
T. Parthasarathy, G. Ravindran,
home Classes of Matrices for the Traveling Salesman Problem
Pages 53-62
Richard H. Warren,
home Normally Related $n$-Planes and Isoclinic $n$-Planes in $R^{2n}$ and Strongly Linearly Independent Matrices of Order $n$
Pages 31-52
Yung-Chow Wong, Kam-Ping Mok,
home Extensions of SSOR
Pages 67-87
John J. Buoni,
home Inverse Eigenvalue Problem for Some Special Matrices
Pages 63-65
Teng Degui,
home Expected-Value Norms on Matrices
Pages 21-29
Eric C. Howe, Charles R. Johnson,