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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.130 NO.1 / 1990 )
home SIRT-and CG-Type Methods for the Iterative Solution of Sparse Linear Least-Squares Problems
Pages 257-302
A. van der Sluis, H. A. van der Vorst,
home Curvatures of Surfaces and their Shadows
Pages 231-255
W. C. Karl, G. C. Verghese,
home A Geometric Projection-Space Reconstruction Algorithm
Pages 151-191
Jerry L. Prince, Alan S. Willsky,
home Equivalence of Regularization and Truncated Iteration in the Solution of III-Posed Image Reconstruction Problems
Pages 133-150
Henry E. Fleming,
home Some New Multiplicative Algorithms for Image Reconstruction from Projections
Pages 111-132
Nicolas J. Dusaussoy, Ikram E. Abdou,
home On the Acceleration of Kaczmarz's Method for Inconsistent Linear Systems
Pages 83-98
Martin Hanke, Wilhelm Niethammer,
home Multiplicative Iterative Algorithms for Convex Programming
Pages 25-42
P.P.B. Eggermont,
home A Regularized Algorithm for Local Emission Reconstruction in Spectroscopic Tomography
Pages 219-229
M. Kh. Salakhov, N. K. Shcherbakova,
home The Structure of some Matrices Arising in Tomography
Pages 193-218
Israel Koltracht, Peter Lancaster, Digby Smith,
home On Hybrid Acceleration of a Linear Stationary Iterative Process
Pages 99-110
Achiya Dax,
home On the Convergence of Asynchronous Paracontractions with Application to Tomographic Reconstruction from Incomplete Data
Pages 65-82
L. Elsner, I. Koltracht, M. Neumann,
home Line Search Acceleration of Iterative Methods
Pages 43-63
Achiya Cax,
home On the Asymptotic Behavior of some Alternate Smoothing Series Expansion Iterative Methods
Pages 3-24
Alvaro R. De Pierro, Alfredo N. Iusem,