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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.127 NO.1 / 1990 )
home Relative Efficiency of Estimates and the Use of Chebyshev Polynomials in a Model of Pairwise Overlapping Samples
Pages 641-653
U. Kamps,
home Matrix Properties of an Interbattery Factor Analytic Model
Pages 617-630
H. Nanda, I. Olkin,
home The Algebra of Multimode Factor Analysis
Pages 631-639
Tom Wansbeek, Jaap Verhees,
home Asymptotic Results for Decomposing a Likelihood-Ratio Statistic into Separate Components
Pages 601-616
Mara Lee McLaren,
home Generalized Dispersion Matrices for Covariances Structural Analysis
Pages 543-565
Harold V. Henderson, Shayle R.Searle,
home The Asymptotic Variance Matrix of the Sample Correlation Matrix
Pages 589-599
H. Neudecker, A. M. Wesselman,
home On the Treatment of Correlation Structures as Covariance Structures
Pages 567-587
A. Shapiro, M. W. Browne,
home On the Convergence of The Ordered Roots of A Sequence of Determinant Equations
Pages 531-542
Yasuo Amenmiya,
home Extensions of $tr[(A^{-1}-B^{-1})(A-B)] \leqslant 0$ for Covariance Matrices $A,B$
Pages 517-529
Chi Song Wong,
home The Accuracy of Least Squares Calculations with the Cholesky Algorithm
Pages 463-502
J. H. Randall, A. A. Rayner,
home Characterization of Invariant Spaces Under a Symmetric Real Matrix and Its Permutations
Pages 503-516
Ching-Shui Cheng, Ker-Chau Li,
home A Matrix Formula for Testing Linear Hypotheses in Linear Models
Pages 457-461
Dietrich von Rosen,
home Weighted Least-Squares and Quasilikelihood Estimation for Categorical Data Under Singular Models
Pages 427-447
A. J. Scott, J. N. K. Rao, D. Roland Thomas,
home Application of the Moore-Penrose Inverse of a Data Matrix in Multiple Regression
Pages 403-425
Douglas M. Hawkins, Dan Bradu,
home On a Matrix Identity Associated with Generalized Least Squares
Pages 449-456
F. R. de Hoog, T. P. Speed, E. R. Williams,
home Rank Invariance Criterion and Its Application to the Unified Theory of Least Squares
Pages 393-401
Jerzy K.Baksalary, Thomas Mathew,
home A Note on Comparing the Unrestricted Restricted Least-Squares Estimators
Pages 371-378
Jerzy K. Baksalary, Pawel R. Pordzik,
home Characterizations and Dispersion-Matrix Robustness of Efficiently Estimable Parametric Functionals in Linear Models with Nuisance Parameters
Pages 341-361
Kenneth Nordstrom, Johan Fellman,
home On Inequality Constrained Generalized Least-Squares Estimation
Pages 379-392
Hans Joachim Werner,
home Characterizations of the Best Linear Unbiased Estimator in the General Gauss-Markov Model with the Use of Matrix Partial Orderings
Pages 363-370
Jerzy K. Baksalary, Simo Puntanen,