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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.121 NO.1 / 1989 )
home Interlacing Inequalities for Regular Pencils
Pages 521-535
Itziar Baragana,
home A Transfer Matrix Approach to Feedback Invariants of Linear Systems: Application to Decoupling
Pages 491-510
Jean-Michel Dion,
home Accelerating with Rank-One Updates
Pages 511-520
Timo Eirola, Olavi Nevanlinna,
home A Constructive Proof of the Gohberg-Semencul Formula
Pages 475-489
J. Chun, T. Kailath,
home Projective Equivalence of Homogenous Binary Polynomials
Pages 433-453
N. Karcanias, G. Kalogeropoulos,
home Decentralized Diagonal Dynamic Stabilization of Linear Multivariable Systms
Pages 455-474
N. Karcanias, D. R. Wilson,
home Factorization of the Matrix Polynomial $A(\lambda)=A_0\lambda^t+A_1\lambda^{t-1}+\cdots+A_{t-1}\lambda+A_t$
Pages 423-432
M Asuncion Beitia, Ion Zaballa,
home Interlacing and Majorization in Invariant factor Assignment Problems
Pages 409-421
Ion Zaballa,
home On Bezoutian Reduction with the Vandermonde Matrix
Pages 401-408
Gabriela Sansigre, Manuel Alvarez,
home Zygotic Algebra for Two-Linked Loci with Sexually Different Recombination and Mutation Rates
Pages 385-399
A. I. Durand-Alegria, J. Lopez-Sanchez, A. Perez de Vargas,
home Perturbation of Linear Control Systems
Pages 353-383
Juan M. Gracia, Inmaculada de Hoyos, Ion Zaballa,
home Some Notes on de Oliveira's Determinantal Conjecture
Pages 345-352
Jorma Kaarlo Merikoski, Ari Virtanen,
home Explicit Solution of the Matrix Equation $AXB-CXD=E$
Pages 333-344
Vicente Hernandez,
home Existence, Uniqueness, and Stability of Solutions to Singular Linear Quadratic Optimal Control Problems
Pages 291-331
Volker Mehrmann,
home Determinantal Formulae for Matrix Completions Associated with Chordal Graphs
Pages 265-289
Wayne W. Barrett, Charles R. Johnson, Michael Lundquist,
home Parallel and Large-Scale Matrix Computations in Control: Some Ideas
Pages 243-264
Biswa Nath Datta,
home A Class of Matrix Orthogonal Polynomials on the Unit Circle
Pages 233-241
Francisco Marcellan Espanol,
home Existence of Nonsymmetrical Stability Domains for Linear Systems
Pages 217-231
Abdellah Benzaouia, Christian Burgat,
home Automorphism Groups of Algebras of Triangular Matrices
Pages 207-215
George Phillip Barker,
home Numerical Experience with a Superfast Real Toeplitz Solver
Pages 185-206
Gregory S. Ammar, William B. Gragg,