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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.120 NO.1 / 1989 )
home Nonnegative Matrices, Zero Patterns, and Spectral Inequalities
Pages 225-236
Ludwig Elsner, Charles R. Johnson,
home On the Collatz-Wielandt Numbers and the Local Spectral Radius of a Nonnegative Operator
Pages 193-205
K.-H. Forster, B. Nagy,
home On Extensions of the Power Method for Normal Operators
Pages 207-224
Avram Sidi,
home Block-Iterative Projection Methods for Parallel Computation of Solutions to Convex Feasibility Problems
Pages 165-175
Ron Aharoni, Yair Censor,
home On the Periodicity of the Graph of Nonnegative Matrices
Pages 181-192
Ananda D. Gunawardena, S. K. Jain, Larry Snyder,
home Generalized Contractions of the Matrix Unit Disk
Pages 177-180
Binyamin Schwarz, Abraham Zaks,
home Linear Matrix Equations: The Module Theoretic Approach
Pages 149-164
Harald K. Wimmer,
home Partial Orders and the Modular Group
Pages 139-147
Istvan Beck,
home Inertia Theorems for Nonstationary Discrete Systems and Dichotomy
Pages 95-138
A. Ben-Artzi, I. Gohberg,
home Factorizations of Integer Matrices as Products of Idempotents and Nilpotents
Pages 81-93
Thomas J. Laffey,
home Discrete Approximations to Reachability Cones of Linear Differential Systems
Pages 65-79
Michael Neumann, Ronald J. Stern,
home Linear Transformations Which Leave Controllable Multiinput Descriptor Systems Controllable
Pages 47-64
Volker Mehrmann, Gerd M. Krause,
home Remarks on Equality in Johnson's Lower Bounds for the Smallest Singular Value of a Matrix
Pages 39-46
Izchak Lewkowicz,
home On Bezoutians, Van der Monde Matrices, and the Lienard-Chipart Stability Criterion
Pages 23-37
P. A. Fuhrmann, B. N. Datta,
home Cyclic Shifts and an Exponential Formula
Pages 9-21
Robert C. Thompson,