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Trends in Mathematics
( Vol.7 NO.2 / 2004 )
home Structural Stability of Orbital Inverse Shadowing vector fields
Pages 213-228
Keonhee Lee, Zoonhee Lee, Yong Zhang,
Pages 201-211
home Dynamical systems over algebraic structures
Pages 187-200
Massoud Amini,
home The Waiting Time For Some Interval Transformations
Pages 177-186
Dong Han Kim,
home Limit States of Stationary Markov Chains
Pages 169-175
Keonhee Lee, Yong Zhang,
home A Necessary and Sufficient Condition for the Existence of Dominated Splitting With A Given Index
Pages 143-168
Shaobo Gan,
home Toral Automorphisms and Chaotic Maps On the Riemann Sphere
Pages 127-133
Joo Sung Lee,
home Reversals On SFT's
Pages 119-125
Jungseob Lee,
home Dynamics of the $g$-Navier-Stokes Equations
Pages 111-117
Jaiok Roh,
home Disperse Systems of Characteristic $0^+$
Pages 105-109
Jong-Suh Park,
home Nonzero Lyapunov Exponents On Periodic Orbits Under Perturbations
Pages 95-104
Wenxiang Sun,
home Substitutions on An Infinite Alphabet: First Results
Pages 87-93
Sebastien Ferenczi,
home Large Deviation Principle for Unimodal Maps Satisfying the Collet-Eckmann Condition
Pages 83-86
Yong Moo Chung,
home The Boundary of Hyperbolicity for Henon-Like Families
Pages 71-82
Yongluo Cao, Stefano Luzzatto, Isabel Rios,
home Shift Spaces With Countable States and Their $C^*$-Algebras
Pages 53-62
Ja A Jeong,
home Dynamic Equations on Time Scales
Pages 63-69
Sung Kyu Choi, Nam Jip Koo,
home Relative Entropy Functions for Factor Maps Between Subshifts
Pages 49-52
Sujin Shin,
home Sturmian Words And $\beta$-Shifts : Dynamics and Transcendence
Pages 39-47
Dong Pyo Chi, Doyong Kwon,
home Characterizations of $\Omega$-Stability and Structural Stability Via Inverse Shadowing
Pages 29-38
Taeyoung Choi, Keonhee Lee, Yong Zhang,
home Diffeomorphisms With Limit Weak Shadowing
Pages 19-27
Kazuhiro Sakai,