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Trends in Mathematics
( Vol.4 NO.2 / 2001 )
home Free Surface Waves over an Obstruction
Pages 161-164
Jeong-Whan Choi,
home Iteration, Iterative Roots and Iterative Equations
Pages 151-160
Weinian Zhang,
home Open problems in Toeplitz operator Theory
Pages 133-150
Woo Young Lee,
home Global asymptotic stability of generalized lienard equation
Pages 127-131
Chunji Li,
home Bridges between hyponormal and subnormal operators
Pages 119-126
Il Bong Jung,
home Riemannian and Finsler structures of symmetric cones
Pages 111-118
Yongdo Lim,
home Preconditioned conjugate gradient method for large generalized eigenproblems
Pages 103-109
Ho-Jong Jang,
home Mesh Generation Geometry Algorithm Based on Macro-Element Decomposition
Pages 93-101
home $C^{infty}$-Regularity of Interface of Some One-Dimensional Nonlinear Degenerate Parabolic Equations
Pages 87-92
Youngsang Ko,
home Global Existence of Solutions to the Einstein-Maxwell-Klein-Gordon Equations in the Spherical Symmetry
Pages 81-86
Dongho Chae,
home The Study of a Fourth Order Nonlinear Elliptic Equation by Critical Point Theory
Pages 67-71
Tacksun Jung, Q-Heung Choi,
home Multiplicity of Solutions via Forcing Terms in One Dimensional Suspension Bridge Equations
Pages 73-79
Q-Heung Choi, Tacksun Jung,
home A Multiplicity Result of Positive Radial Solutions for an Elliptic System with Multiparameters
Pages 61-66
Yong-Hoon Lee,
home Ambrosetti-prodi type multiplicity results for semilinear parabolic equations
Pages 51-60
Wan Se Kim, Chul Yong Jung,
home A classification of radial self-similar solutions of the heat equation
Pages 45-50
Zheng Guo Jin, Minkyu Kwak,
home A Cauchy Problem of Sine-Gordon Equations with Non-Homogeneous Dirichlet Boundary Conditions
Pages 39-44
Jun-Hong Ha,
home For the behavior of the solutions of a general porous media equations at large time scale
Pages 33-38
Hanku Lee,
home Besov semi-norm Penalty Method for Signal Restoration
Pages 25-32
Nam Hyun, Dai-Gyoung Kim,
home Brief notes on 3-fold birational geometry
Pages 17-23
Mikhail Grinenko,
home Recent Results in the $GL_2$ Iwasawa Theory of Elliptic Curves without Complex Multiplication
Pages 7-16
Yoshihiro Ochi,