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Trends in Mathematics
( Vol.4 NO.1 / 2001 )
home Divisibility Properties of Class Numbers
Pages 26-30
Dongho Byeon,
home Substructuring Technique and Parallel Computations
Pages 108-115
home Random Graphs and Quasi-Random Graphs:An Introduction
Pages 101-107
Changwoo Lee,
home Weights of Idempotent Matrices
Pages 95-100
L. B. Beasley, Sang-Gu Lee, Se-Won Park,
home Remarks on Codimension Two Subvarieties of $\mathbb P^n$
Pages 90-94
Youngook Choi,
home A Survey on Equivariant $K$-Theory of Representation Spheres
Pages 84-89
Jin-Hwan Cho,
home A Generalized Mean Value Property
Pages 80-83
Jaesung Lee,
home On Floer Cohomology
Pages 76-79
Daesung Kwon,
home Bruhat-Tits Building of a $p$-Adic Reductive Group
Pages 71-75
Hi-joon Chae,
home Semilinear Partial Differential Equations arising in the Self-Dual (2+1) Dimensional Chern-Simons Gauge Theories
Pages 66-70
Dongho Chae,
home Gleason''s Problem for harmonic Bloch functions
Pages 53-57
Boo Rim Choe, Hyungwoon Koo, HeungSu Yi,
home $L^p$ and $H^p$ Extensions of Holomorphic Functions
Pages 62-65
Hong Rae Cho,
home Estimates of Invariant Metrics on Pseudoconvex Domains in $\Bbb C^n$
Pages 58-61
Sanghyun Cho,
home The Commuting Problems of Toeplitz Operators
Pages 49-52
Young Joo Lee,
home Kobayashi Metric near an Infinite Type Boundary Point
Pages 44-48
Sunhong Lee,
home Decays of Incompressible Fluids
Pages 31-37
Hyeong-Ohk Bae,
home A Survey on the Matrix Completion Problem
Pages 38-43
Sang-Gu Lee, Han-Guk Seol,
home Domains of Holomorphy and Automorphisms
Pages 21-25
Kang-Tae Kim,
home A Survey on the Regularity of the Interfaces for Some Nonlinear Parabolic Equations
Pages 15-20
YoungSang Ko,
home Cartan-Fubini Type Extension of Holomorphic Maps
Pages 9-14
Jun-Muk Hwang,