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Trends in Mathematics
( Vol.2 NO.1 / 1999 )
home On Algebraic Analysis II
Pages 208-218
Sun T. Soh,
home On Algebraic Analysis I
Pages 199-207
Sun T. Soh,
home Oh Hopf Actions
Pages 193-198
home Stability of Functional Equations, Isometries and Operators
Pages 189-192
home Stability of Analytic Operator-Valued Function Space Integrals
Pages 181-188
Kun Soo Chang,
home 소환과 바나하 대수상의 데리베이션의 치역에 대한 연구동향
Pages 177-180
home Oscillation Theory for Delay and Neutral Differential Equations
Pages 170-176
Sung Kyu Choi, Nam Jip Koo,
home Curvature, Spectra, and Riemannian Submersions
Pages 164-169
Peter B. Gilkey, Jeonghyeong Park,
home The Symplectic Structure on the Moduli Space of Convex Real Projective Structures
Pages 155-163
Hong Chan Kim,
home Finite Additive Measure and Hyperbolic Space
Pages 150-154
Yunhi Cho,
home Determinant of a Dirac Operator on a Compact Manifold with Boundary
Pages 145-149
Yoonweon Lee,
home The Localization Theorem
Pages 141-144
Bumsig Kim,
home A Survey on the Geography of 4-Manifolds
Pages 135-140
Jongil Park,
home A Tour on Classical Theorems on Multisecant Lines of Projective Varieties and Problems
Pages 129-134
Sijong Kwak,
home On Weierstrass points
Pages 124-128
Eun-Ju Kang,
home On Gr\"{o}bner Fans of Ideals
Pages 116-123
Yonggu Kim,
home Embedded Surfaces in 4-manifolds and Seiberg-Witten Invariant
Pages 111-115
Dosang Joe,
home Some Recent Progress in Fujita Conjecture
Pages 104-110
Seunghun Lee,
home $k$-Gonal Curves
Pages 99-103
Seonja Kim,
home Some Recent Topics in Smoothable Stable Surfaces
Pages 91-98
Yongnam Lee,