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Trends in Mathematics
( Vol.10 NO.2 / 2008 )
home $C^1$-stably expansive sets for flows
Pages 167-172
Keonhee Lee, Le Huy Tien,
home Entropy dimension and variational principle
Pages 163-165
Young-Ho Ahn, Dou Dou, Kyewon Koh Park,
home Measurable and topological entropy dimensions
Pages 159-162
Kyewon Koh Park,
home Recurrence times and large deviations
Pages 131-157
Yong Moo Chung,
home Entropy and measure degeneracy for flows
Pages 121-130
Wenxiang Sun, Edson Vargas,
home Diffeomorphisms with Limit Shadowing property
Pages 111-119
Taeyoung Choi,
home Recurrence properties of interval exchange maps
Pages 105-109
Dong Han Kim,
home Model sets in terms of two associated dynamical systems
Pages 101-103
Jeong-Yup Lee,
home Shadowing in set-valued systems
Pages 95--100
Sergei Yu. Pilyugin,
home $C^1$-stably shadowable chain components are hyperbolic
Pages 87--94
Xiao Wen, Shaobo Gan, Lan Wen,
home Continuity of chain recurrent sets for flows
Pages 83--86
Jong-Suh Park, Se-Hyun Ku,
home Hyperbolicity of $C^1$-stably shadowing homoclinic classes
Pages 79-82
Khosro Tajbakhsh, Keonhee Lee,
home $C^1$-stably weak shadowing chain components are partially hyperbolic
Pages 71--78
Kazuhiro Sakai,
home Some dynamical properties of the transversely holomorphic flows on closed $3$-manifolds
Pages 65--69
Jaeyoo Choy, Hahng-Yun Chu,
home On some useful conditions for hyperbolicity
Pages 57--64
Marcin Mazur,
home Various Shadowings in Multidimensional Dynamical Systems
Pages 49--55
Myung Hyun Cho, Junhui Kim , Keonhee Lee,
home Shadowing in flows: influence of reparametrizations
Pages 45--48
Sergei Yu. Pilyugin,
home Hyperbolicity of $C^1$-stably expansive homoclinic classes
Pages 37-43
Keonhee Lee, Manseob Lee,
home Lyapunov stable classes and residual attractors
Pages 33-36
C. Bonatti, S. Gan, M. Li , D. Yang,
home Almost periodic solutions of nonlinear discrete Volterra equations with unbounded delay
Pages 27--32
Sung Kyu Choi , Namjip Koo,