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Tokyo Journal of Mathematics
( Vol.24 NO.2 / 2001 )
home Erratum to "On a Degenerate Quasilinear Elliptic Equation with Mixed Boundary Conditions "
Pages 597-598
Kazuya Hayasida,
home The Higher Spin Dirac Operators on 3-Dimensional Manifolds
Pages 579-596
Yasushi Homma,
home An Estimate for the Bochner-Riesz Operator on Functions of Product Type in $R^2$
Pages 567-578
Hitoshi Tanaka,
home The Connectivities of Leaf Graphs of Sets of Points in the Plane
Pages 559-566
Atsushi Kaneko, Kiyoshi Yoshimoto,
home Computing Elliptic Curves Having Good Reduction Everywhere over Quadratic Fields
Pages 545-558
Masanari Kida,
home Criterion of Proper Actions for 2-step Nilpotent Lie Groups
Pages 535-543
Salma Nasrin,
home Chaotic Maps on a Measure Space and the Behavior of the Orbit of a State
Pages 509-533
Shinzo Kawamura,
home Between Lie Norm and Dual Lie Norm
Pages 499-507
Mitsuo Morimoto, Keiko Fujita,
home The Life Span of Blow-up Solutions for a Weakly Coupled System of Reaction-Diffusion Equations
Pages 487-498
Yasumaro Kobayashi,
home A Sharp Existence and Uniqueness Theorem for Linear Fuchsian Partial Differential Equations
Pages 477-486
Jose Ernie C. Lope,
home On the Hyers-Ulam Stability of Real Continuous Function Valued Differentiable Map
Pages 467-476
Takeshi Miura, Sin-ei Takahasi, Hisashi Choda,
home On Some Modules Attached to the Lubin-Tate Formal Groups
Pages 441-465
Kazuhito Kozuka, Hirofumi Tsumura,
home On a Diophantine Equation Concerning Eisenstein Numbers
Pages 429-439
Nobuhiro Terai, Kei Takakuwa,
home Orbits of Isotropy Groups of Compact Symmetric Spaces
Pages 407-428
Daigo Hirohashi, Osamu Ikawa, Hiroyuki Tasaki,
home An Algorithm for Acylindrical Surfaces in 3-Manifolds
Pages 395-405
Yukihiro Tsutsumi,
home Bour's Theorem in Minkowski Geometry
Pages 377-394
Toshihiko Ikawa,
home Representations of Nevanlinna-type Spaces by Weighted Hardy Spaces
Pages 369-375
Yasuo Iida,
home On Numerical Types of Algebraic Curves on Rational Surfaces
Pages 359-367
Osamu Matsuda,
home On the Complex WKB Method for a Secondary Turning Point Problem
Pages 343-357
Minoru Nakano,
home Kakutani-Fan's Fixed Point Theorem in Hyperspaces
Pages 331-341
Francesco S. de Blasi, Pando Gr. Georgiev,