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Tokyo Journal of Mathematics
( Vol.22 NO.2 / 1999 )
home Operator Semi-Selfdecomposability, $(C, Q)$-Decomposability and Related Nested Classes
Pages 473-509
Makoto Maejima, Ken-iti Sato, Toshiro Watanabe,
home Errata to ""Configurations and Invariant Gauss-Manin Connections of Integrals I, II"" (Tokyo Journal of Mathematics, Vol. 5 (1982), pp.249-287; Vol. 6 (1983), pp. 1-24)
Pages 511-512
Kazuhiko Aomoto,
home Strong Solutions of Two Dimensional Heat Convection Equations with Dissipating Terms
Pages 445-472
Hiroshi Inoue,
home On Algebraic Unknotting Numbers of Knots
Pages 425-443
Osamu Saeki,
home Extremal Elliptic Fibrations and Singular $K3$ Surfaces
Pages 415-424
Khac-Viet Nguyen,
home On the Joint Distribution of the First Hitting Time and the First Hitting Place to the Space-Time Wedge Domain of a Biharmonic Pseudo Process
Pages 399-413
Tadashi Nakajima, Sadao Sato,
home An Estimate for the Kakeya Maximal Operator on Functions of Square Radial Type
Pages 391-398
Hitoshi Tanaka,
home $BKW$-Operators for Chebyshev Systems
Pages 375-389
Takashi Ishii, Keiji Izuchi,
home The Integral Representations of Harmonic Polynomials in the Case of $\mathfrak{sp}(p,1)$ 0. Introduction 1. Preliminaries 2. The case $\mathfrak g_\mathbf{R} = \mathfrak{sp}(p,1)$
Pages 353-373
Ryoko Wada,
home Presheaves Associated to Modules over Subrings of Dedekind Domains
Pages 341-351
Susumu Komoto, Toru Watanabe,
home Laguerre Character Sums
Pages 323-340
Naomichi Saito,
home Birational Geometry of Plane Curves
Pages 289-321
Shigeru Iitaka,
home Formulae for Relating the Modular Invariants and Defining Equations of $X_0(40)$ and $X_0(48)$
Pages 279-288
Takeshi Bibino,
home The Iwasawa $\lambda$-Invariants of Real Abelian Fields and the Cyclotomic Elements
Pages 259-277
Masato Kurihara,