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Tokyo Journal of Mathematics
( Vol.21 NO.2 / 1998 )
home Complex Multiplication Formulae for Hyperelliptic Cuves of Genus Three
Pages 381-431
Yoshihiro Onishi,
home On the Existence of a Conjugacy between Weakly Multimodal Maps
Pages 511-521
Hitoshi Segawa, Hiroshi Ishitani,
home On Direct Sum Decomposition of Integers and Y. Ito's Conjecture
Pages 433-440
Masahito Dateyama, Teturo Kamae,
home On an Inverse Problem for Quasilinear Parabolic Equations
Pages 463-469
Shin-Ichi Nakamura,
home On the Uniqueness of a Weyl Structure with Prescribed Ricci Curvature
Pages 453-455
Minyo Katagiri,
home Estimates for the Operators $V^\alpha(-\Delta + V)^{-\beta}$ and $V^\alpha \triangledown (-\Delta + V)^{-\beta}$ with Certain Non-Negative Potentials $V$
Pages 441-452
Satoko Sugano,
home Weyl Groups of the Extended Affine Root System $A_1^{(1,1)}$ and the Extended Affine $\mathfrak{sl}(2)$
Pages 299-310
Tadayoshi Takebayashi,
home Initial Value Problems for the Heat Convection Equations in Exterior Domains
Pages 359-375
Kazuo Oeda, Nami Matsuda,
home Another Type of Instanton Bundles on $Gr_2(\mathbf C^{n+2})$
Pages 267-297
Yasuyuki Nagatomo,
home On Pseudoconvex Domains in $P^n$
Pages 353-358
Klas Diederich, Takeo Ohsawa,
home On Deformations of Einstein-Weyl Structures
Pages 457-461
Minyo Katagiri,
home Fredholm Determinant for Piecewise Linear Transformations on a Plane
Pages 477-510
Makoto Mori,
home Morse-Smale Diffeomorphisms and the Standard Family
Pages 471-476
Masatoshi Oka, Naoya Sumi,
home A Degree Condition for the Existence of $[a,b]$-Factors in $K_{1,n}$-Free Graphs
Pages 377-380
Taro Tokuda,
home The Relationship between Entropy and Strong Orbit Equivalence for the Minimal Homeomorphisms (II)
Pages 311-351
Fumiaki Sugisaki,