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Tokyo Journal of Mathematics
( Vol.13 NO.1 / 1990 )
home Geodesics in Minimal Immersions of $S^3$ into $S^{24}$
Pages 221-234
Yosio Muto,
home The Pseudo Orbit Tracing Property of First Return Maps
Pages 235-249
Masatoshi Oka,
home Approximately Inner $ast$-Derivations of Irrational Rotation $C^*$-Algebras
Pages 207-219
Kazunori Kodaka,
home On the Action of Hecke Rings on Homology Groups of Smooth Compactifications of Siegel Modular Varieties and Siegel Cusp Forms
Pages 191-205
Kazuyuki Hatada,
home On the Triviality Index of Knots
Pages 179-190
Yoshiyuki Ohyama, Yasuko Ogushi,
home Three-Variable Conway Potential Function of Links
Pages 163-177
Yasutaka Nakanishi,
home Construction of Vector Bundles and Reflexive Sheaves
Pages 153-162
Hidetoshi Maeda,
home Remarks on Bayes Sufficiency
Pages 147-152
Sakutaro Yamada, Takeru Suzuki,
home Examples on an Extension Problem of Holomorphic Maps and a Holomorphic 1-Dimensional Foliation
Pages 139-146
Masahide Kato,
home On the Convergence of Series of Fourier Coefficients of Vector Valued Functions
Pages 125-138
Tatsuo Kawata,
home Interpolation between Some Banach Spaces in Generalized Harmonic Analysis
Pages 117-124
Katsuo Matsuoka,
home Homogeneous Harmonic Maps into Complex Projective Spaces
Pages 87-116
Yoshihiro Ohnita,
home A Certain Factorization of Selfdual Cones Associated with Standard Forms of Injective Factors
Pages 73-86
Yasuhide Miura,
home On Some Branched Surfaces Which Admit Expanding Immersions
Pages 63-72
Eijirou Hayakawa,
home Correspondences for Hecke Rings and (Co)-Homology Groups on Smooth Compactifications of Siegel Modular Varieties
Pages 37-62
Kazuyuki Hatada,
home Classifying 3-Dimensional Lens Spaces by Eta-Invariants
Pages 17-36
Kiyoshi Katase,
home Vector Bundles of Grassmann Type and Configuration Type of Rank 2 on an Algebraic Surface
Pages 1-16
Yosuki Hino, Masataka Kagesawa,