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Contemporary Mathematics
( Vol.576 NO.1 / 2012 )
home Modules and infinitary logics
Pages 305-316
Saharon Shelah,
home Some results on the algebraic entropy
Pages 297-304
Luigi Salce,
home On the macro structure of torsion free groups
Pages 287-295
J. D. Reid,
home $(1,2)$-groups for a regulator quotient of exponent $p^4$
Pages 269-285
Otto Mutzbauer, Ebru Solak,
home Pseudofinite groups with NIP theory and definability in finite simple groups
Pages 255-267
Dugald Macpherson, Katrin Tent,
home Special pairs and automorphisms of centreless groups
Pages 239-254
Philipp Lücke,
home Generic endomorphisms of homogeneous structures
Pages 217-237
Deborah C. Lockett, John K. Truss,
home On subgroups of totally projective primary abelian groups and direct sums of cyclic groups
Pages 205-215
Patrick W. Keef,
home Automorphism towers and automorphism groups of fields without choice
Pages 187-203
Itay Kaplan, Saharon Shelah,
home Abelian groups with partial decomposition bases in $L_{inftyomega}^delta$ , Part II
Pages 177-185
Carol Jacoby, Peter Loth,
home Abelian groups with partial decomposition bases in $L_{inftyomega}^delta$ , Part I
Pages 163-175
Carol Jacoby, Katrin Leistner, Peter Loth, Lutz Strüngmann,
home Undefinability of local Warfield groups in $L_{inftyomega}$
Pages 151-162
Carol Jacoby,
home Upper cardinal bounds for absolute structures
Pages 137-150
Daniel Herden,
home A note on Hopfian and co-Hopfian abelian groups
Pages 129-136
B. Goldsmith, K. Gong,
home Absolutely rigid fields and Shelah's absolutely rigid trees
Pages 105-128
Rüdiger Göbel, Sebastian Pokutta,
home On kernel modules of cotorsion pairs
Pages 95-103
László Fuchs,
home Dimension in topological structures: topological closure and local property
Pages 89-94
Antongiulio Fornasiero, Immanuel Halupczok,
home The role of the Jacobson radical in isomorphism theorems
Pages 77-88
Mary Flagg,
home Butler's theorem revisited
Pages 57-76
Clorinda De Vivo, Claudia Metelli,
home Looking for indecomposable right bounded complexes
Pages 41-56
Gabriella D'Este,