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Contemporary Mathematics
( Vol.562 NO.1 / 2012 )
home Twisted deformation quantization of algebraic varieties
Pages 279-297
Amnon Yekutieli,
home Strata of prime ideals of De Concini-Kac-Procesi algebras and Poisson geometry
Pages 265-278
Milen Yakimov,
home Galois invariants of $K_1$-groups of Iwasawa algebras
Pages 243-263
Dmitriy Izychev, Otmar Venjakob,
home Regular algebras of dimension 4 with 3 generators
Pages 221-241
D. Rogalski, J. J. Zhang,
home Finitely generated, non-artinian monolithic modules
Pages 211-220
Ian M. Musson,
home Hopf action on Calabi-Yau algebras
Pages 189-209
L.-Y. Liu, Q.-S. Wu, C. Zhu,
home Poisson brackets and Poisson spectra in polynomial algebras
Pages 169-187
David A. Jordan, Sei-Qwon Oh,
home Irreducible components of module varieties: projective equations and rationality
Pages 141-167
B. Huisgen-Zimmermann, K. R. Goodearl,
home Primitive ideals in quantum $SL_3$ and $GL_3$
Pages 115-140
K. R. Goodearl, T. H. Lenagan,
home Certain subgroups of Weyl groups are split
Pages 101-113
Daniel Goldstein, Robert M. Guralnick,
home On representations of Clifford algebras of ternary cubic forms
Pages 91-99
Emre Coskun, Rajesh S. Kulkarni, Yusuf Mustopa,
home Cell modules and canonical basic sets for Hecke algebras from Cherednik algebras
Pages 77-89
Maria Chlouveraki, Iain Gordon, Stephen Griffeth,
home Conic bundles and Clifford algebras
Pages 53-75
Daniel Chan, Colin Ingalls,
home Primitive algebraic algebras of polynomially bounded growth
Pages 41-52
Jason P. Bell, Lance W. Small, Agata Smoktunowicz,
home Enumeration of torus-invariant strata with respect to dimension in the big cell of the quantum minuscule Grassmannian of type $m B_n$
Pages 27-40
Jason Bell, Karel Casteels, Stéphane Launois,
home The controller subgroup of one-sided ideals in completed group rings
Pages 11-26
Konstantin Ardakov,
home Row-infinite equivalents exist only for row-countable graphs
Pages 1-10
Gene Abrams, Kulumani M. Rangaswamy,