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Contemporary Mathematics
( Vol.557 NO.1 / 2011 )
home Restriction of some representations of $U(p,q)$ to a symmetric subgroup
Pages 371-388
Birgit Speh,
home Binomial coefficients and Littlewood-Richardson coefficients for interpolation polynomials and Macdonald polynomials
Pages 359-369
Siddhartha Sahi,
home Categories of integrable $sl(infty)$-, $o(infty)$-, $sp(infty)$-modules
Pages 335-357
Ivan Penkov, Vera Serganova,
home Adelization of automorphic distributions and mirabolic Eisenstein series
Pages 289-334
Stephen D. Miller, Wilfried Schmid,
home Study of antiorbital complexes
Pages 259-287
George Lusztig,
home From groups to symmetric spaces
Pages 245-258
George Lusztig,
home An explicit embedding of gravity and the Standard Model in $E_8$
Pages 231-244
A. Garrett Lisi,
home On the algebraic set of singular elements in a complex simple Lie algebra
Pages 215-229
Bertram Kostant, Nolan Wallach,
home The dual pair $({ m O}_{p,q},O ilde{Sp}_{2,2})$ and Zuckerman translation
Pages 183-213
Dan Lu, Roger Howe,
home The measurement of quantum entanglement and enumeration of graph coverings
Pages 169-181
Michael W. Hero, Jeb F. Willenbring, Lauren Kelly Williams,
home On extending the Langlands-Shahidi method to arithmetic quotients of loop groups
Pages 151-167
Howard Garland,
home Levi components of parabolic subalgebras of finitary Lie algebras
Pages 129-149
Elizabeth Dan-Cohen, Ivan Penkov,
home Stable combinations of special unipotent representations
Pages 113-127
Dan M. Barbasch, Peter E. Trapa,
home Computing global characters
Pages 79-112
Jeffrey Adams,
home Chiral equivariant cohomology of spheres
Pages 41-75
Bong H. Lian, Andrew R. Linshaw, Bailin Song,
home Branching problems of Zuckerman derived functor modules
Pages 23-40
Toshiyuki Kobayashi,
home The Plancherel formula, the Plancherel theorem, and the Fourier transform of orbital integrals
Pages 3-22
Rebecca A. Herb, Paul J. Sally Jr.,