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Contemporary Mathematics
( Vol.546 NO.1 / 2011 )
home Large scale geometry and its applications
Pages 305-315
Guoliang Yu,
home Algebras of $p$-symbols, noncommutative $p$-residue, and the Brauer group
Pages 283-304
Mariusz Wodzicki,
home Cup products in Hopf cyclic cohomology with coefficients in contramodules
Pages 271-282
Bahram Rangipour,
home Two exact sequences for lattice cohomology
Pages 249-269
András Némethi,
home Relative pairings and the Atiyah-Patodi-Singer index formula for the Godbillon-Vey cocycle
Pages 225-247
Hitoshi Moriyoshi, Paolo Piazza,
home The $K$-groups and the index theory of certain comparison $C^*$-algebras
Pages 213-224
Bertrand Monthubert, Victor Nistor,
home Analytic torsion of $Bbb Z_2$-graded elliptic complexes
Pages 199-212
Varghese Mathai, Siye Wu,
home A super version of the Connes-Moscovici Hopf algebra
Pages 181-198
Masoud Khalkhali, Arash Pourkia,
home A survey on Hopf-cyclic cohomology and Connes-Moscovici characteristic map
Pages 171-179
Atabey Kaygun,
home On the analogy between complex semisimple groups and their Cartan motion groups
Pages 137-170
Nigel Higson,
home Lie prealgebras
Pages 115-135
Michel Dubois-Violette, Giovanni Landi,
home The Witt construction in characteristic one and quantization
Pages 83-113
Alain Connes,
home Index theory for basic Dirac operators on Riemannian foliations
Pages 39-81
Jochen Brüning, Franz W. Kamber, Ken Richardson,
home Algebraic index theorem for symplectic deformations of gerbes
Pages 23-38
Paul Bressler, Alexander Gorokhovsky, Ryszard Nest, Boris Tsygan,
home Dirac cohomology and unipotent representations of complex groups
Pages 1-22
Dan Barbasch, Pavle Pandžić,