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Contemporary Mathematics
( Vol.539 NO.1 / 2011 )
home Multi-scale analysis and non-commutative field theory
Pages 443-465
Fabien Vignes-Tourneret,
home Combinatorics and Feynman graphs for gauge theories
Pages 417-442
Walter D. van Suijlekom,
home Motives: an introductory survey for physicists
Pages 377-415
Abhijnan Rej,
home Noncommutative formal Taylor expansions and second quantised regularised traces
Pages 349-376
Sylvie Paycha,
home A combinatorial and field theoretic path to quantum gravity: the new challenges of group field theory
Pages 325-347
D. Oriti,
home Hopf algebras of formal diffeomorphisms and numerical integration on manifolds
Pages 295-324
Alexander Lundervold, Hans Munthe-Kaas,
home Hopf algebras and the combinatorics of connected graphs in quantum field theory
Pages 287-294
Ângela Mestre, Robert Oeckl,
home Formulas for the Connes-Moscovici Hopf algebra
Pages 269-285
Frédéric Menous,
home Renormalised multiple zeta values which respect quasi-shuffle relations
Pages 255-267
Dominique Manchon,
home Not so non-renormalizable gravity
Pages 247-254
Dirk Kreimer,
home Algebraic analysis of non-renormalization theorems in supersymmetric field theories
Pages 237-246
E. Kraus,
home Wilsonian renormalization, differential equations and Hopf algebras
Pages 187-136
T. Krajewski, P. Martinetti,
home Magnus expansions and beyond
Pages 171-186
Arieh Iserles,
home Rooted trees appearing in products and co-products
Pages 153-169
Ralf Holtkamp,
home Abstract integration, combinatorics of trees and differential equations
Pages 135-151
Massimiliano Gubinelli,
home On the causal gauge principle
Pages 115-133
José M. Gracia-Bondía,
home A renormalisation group approach to stochastic Lœwner evolutions
Pages 89-113
Roland Friedrich,
home Primitive elements of the Hopf algebra of free quasi-symmetric functions
Pages 79-88
L. Foissy,
home Sweedler's duals and Schützenberger's calculus
Pages 67-77
Gérard H. E. Duchamp, Christophe Tollu,
home From quantum electrodynamics to posets of planar binary trees
Pages 53-66
Frédéric Chapoton, Alessandra Frabetti,