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Contemporary Mathematics
( Vol.531 NO.1 / 2010 )
home On unique independence weighted graphs
Pages 257-264
Farzad Didehvar, Ali D. Mehrabi, Fatemeh Raee B.,
home The proportion of various graphs in graph-designs
Pages 251-255
Richard M. Wilson,
home On the real unbiased Hadamard matrices
Pages 243-250
W. H. Holzmann, H. Kharaghani, W. Orrick,
home Characterizing completely regular codes from an algebraic viewpoint
Pages 223-242
Jacobus H. Koolen, Woo Sun Lee, William J. Martin,
home Combinatorial estimates by the switching method
Pages 209-221
Mahdieh Hasheminezhad, Brendan D. McKay,
home A theorem on incidence matrices and quasirandom hypergraphs
Pages 201-207
Domingos Dellamonica Jr., Peter Frankl, Vojtěch Rödl,
home The spectrum of the McKay-Miller-Širáň graphs
Pages 197-199
A. Mohammadian, B. Tayfeh-Rezaie,
home A survey of alternating permutations
Pages 165-196
Richard P. Stanley,
home Graphs cospectral with Kneser graphs
Pages 159-164
Willem H. Haemers, Farzaneh Ramezani,
home On the rational independence roots
Pages 149-157
Saieed Akbari, Mohammad Reza Oboudi, Sahar Qajar,
home On cycle-free lattices
Pages 143-147
Amin Sakzad, Mohammad-Reza Sadeghi,
home On generalized Lucas sequences
Pages 127-141
Qiang Wang,
home List coloring of graphs with cycles of length divisible by a given integer
Pages 117-125
S. Akbari, A. Doni, M. Ghanbari, S. Jahanbekam, A. Saito,
home 05C31, 05C69
Pages 109-115
S. Akbari, S. Alikhani, M. R. Oboudi, and Y. H. Peng,
home A note on finite groups determined by a combinatorial property
Pages 103-108
A. Rahnamai Barghi,
home Maps with highest level of symmetry that are even more symmetric than other such maps: regular maps with largest exponent groups
Pages 95-102
Jozef Širáň, Yan Wang,
home Euclidean designs and coherent configurations
Pages 59-93
Eiichi Bannai, Etsuko Bannai,
home Totally balanced test-control incomplete crossover designs and their statistical applications
Pages 43-58
A. S. Hedayat, Wei Zheng,
home Signed domination of graphs and $(0,1)$-matrices
Pages 19-42
Adam H. Berliner, Richard A. Brualdi, Louis Deaett, Kathleen P. Kiernan, Seth A. Meyer, Michael W. S,
home On the dynamic chromatic number of graphs
Pages 11-18
S. Akbari, M. Ghanbari, S. Jahanbekam,