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Contemporary Mathematics
( Vol.518 NO.1 / 2010 )
home Cyclic codes aspects of bent functions.
Pages 363-384
J. Wolfmann,
home A spectrum result on maximal partial ovoids of the generalized quadrangle $scr Q(4,q), q$ odd.
Pages 349-362
Valentina Pepe, Cornelia R¨oßing, Leo S,
home The asymptotic theory of algebraic-geometry codes.
Pages 339-348
Harald Niederreiter,
home On the zeta functions of an optimal tower of function fields over $Bbb F_4$.
Pages 327-338
Gary McGuire, Alexey Za,
home Minimal generating sets of Weierstrass semigroups of certain $m$m-tuples on the norm-trace function field.
Pages 315-326
Gretchen L. Matthews, Justin D. Peachey,
home Modular curves and coding theory: a survey.
Pages 301-314
Wen-Ching W. Li,
home Intractable problems in cryptography.
Pages 279-300
Neal Koblitz, Alfred Menezes,
home The merit factor of binary sequence families constructed from $m$-sequences.
Pages 265-278
Jonathan Jedwab, Kai-Uwe Schmidt,
home A multilinear generalization of the Tate pairing.
Pages 255-263
Ming-Deh Huang, Wayne Raskind,
home Folded algebraic-geometric codes from Galois extensions.
Pages 235-253
Ming-Deh Huang, Anand Kumar Narayanan,
home Sziklai's conjecture on the number of points of a plane curve over a finite field II.
Pages 225-234
Masaaki Homma, Seon Jeong Kim,
home A family of binary sequences from interleaved construction and their cryptographic properties.
Pages 209-223
Jing Jane He, Daniel Panario, Qiang Wang,
home Jacobi sums and irreducible polynomials with prescribed trace and restricted norm.
Pages 193-208
S. Gurak,
home Waring's problem in finite fields with Dickson polynomials.
Pages 185-192
Domingo Gomez, Arne Winterhof,
home Shift-invariant polynomials and Ritt's Second Theorem.
Pages 161-184
Joachim von zur Gathen,
home Unitary superperfect binary polynomials.
Pages 155-160
Luis H. Gallardo, Olivier Rahavandrainy,
home Normal elliptic bases and torus-based cryptography.
Pages 137-153
Cl´ement Dunand, Reynald Lercier,
home Commutative semifields of order 243 and 3125.
Pages 129-136
Robert S. Coulter, Pamela K,
home Primitive elements on lines in extensions of finite fields.
Pages 113-127
Stephen D. Cohen,
home Monomial functions with linear structure and permutation polynomials.
Pages 99-111
Pascale Charpin, Gohar M. Kyureghyan,