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Contemporary Mathematics
( Vol.516 NO.1 / 2010 )
home Some hypothesis tests for Wishart models on symmetric cones.
Pages 327-345
A. Saeid Yasamin,
home On a class of singular nonsymmetric matrices with nonnegative integer spectra.
Pages 319-325
Tatjana von Rosen, Dietrich von Rosen,
home Dihedral Fourier analysis.
Pages 305-317
Marlos A.G. Viana,
home Regular fractions and indicator polynomials.
Pages 285-304
Giovanni Pistone, Maria Piera Rogantin,
home Algebraic statistics for a directed random graph model with reciprocation.
Pages 261-283
Sonja Petrovi´c, Alessandro Rinaldo, Stephen E. Fienberg,
home Combining statistical models.
Pages 239-259
M. Sofia Massa, Steffen L. Lauritzen,
home A kernel smoothing approach to censored preference data.
Pages 225-237
Paul Kidwell, Guy Lebanon,
home Covariance trees and Wishart distributions on cones.
Pages 215-223
Kshitij Khare, Bala Rajaratnam,
home Connecting tables with zero-one entries by a subset of a Markov basis.
Pages 199-213
Hisayuki Hara, Akimichi Takemura,
home A zero-one law for linear transformations of Lévy noise.
Pages 189-197
Steven N. Evans,
home Projections on invariant subspaces.
Pages 179-188
Werner Ehm,
home Smoothness of Gaussian conditional independence models.
Pages 155-177
Mathias Drton, Han Xiao,
home Geometry of the restricted Boltzmann machine.
Pages 135-153
Mar´ıa Ang´elica Cueto, Jason Morton, Bernd Sturmfels,
home On qualitative comparison of partial regression coefficients for Gaussian graphical Markov models.
Pages 125-133
Sanjay Chaudhuri, Gui Liu Tan,
home Structural properties of the generalized Dirichlet distributions.
Pages 109-124
Wan-Ying Chang, Rameshwar D. Gupta, Donald St.P. Richards,
home Completely simple semigroups of real $d imes d$ matrices and recurrent random walks.
Pages 99-108
Santanu Chakraborty, Arunava Mukherjea,
home Convolution products of probability measures on a compact semigroup with applications to random measures.
Pages 93-98
Gregory Budzban, G¨oran H¨ogn¨as,
home Statistical topology via Morse theory persistence and nonparametric estimation.
Pages 75-92
Peter Bubenik, Gunnar Carlsson, Peter T. Kim, Zhi-Ming Luo,
home Geometry of diagonal-effect models for contingency tables.
Pages 61-73
Cristiano Bocci, Enrico Carlini, Fabio Rapallo,
home Weakly invariant designs, rotatable designs and polynomial designs.
Pages 49-60
Fr´ed´eric Bertrand,