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Contemporary Mathematics
( Vol.497 NO.1 / 2009 )
home Exceptional vertex operator algebras and the Virasoro algebra
Pages 213–225
M. P. Tuite,
home Combinatorial bases of Feigin-Stoyanovsky's type subspaces for $ ilde{germ{sl}}_{l+1}(Bbb C)$
Pages 199–211
G. Trupčević,
home New perspectives on exponentiated derivations, the formal Taylor theorem, and Faà di Bruno's formula
Pages 185–198
T. J. Robinson,
home Dynkin operators and renormalization group actions in pQFT
Pages 169–184
F. Patras,
home Introduction to invariant chiral differential operators
Pages 157–168
A. R. Linshaw,
home On quantum vertex algebras and their modules
Pages 139–156
H. Li,
home The FLM conjecture and framed VOA
Pages 125–138
C. H. Lam, H. Yamauchi,
home Recurrences and characters of Feigin-Stoyanovsky's type subspaces
Pages 113–123
M. Jerković,
home Representations of vertex operator algebras and braided finite tensor categories
Pages 97–111
Y.-Z. Huang,
home Rooted trees and symmetric functions: Zhao's homomorphism and the commutative hexagon
Pages 85–95
M. E. Hoffman,
home Fusion algebras for vertex operator algebras and finite groups
Pages 79–83
C. Goff,
home Zhu's algebra, the $C_2$ algebra, and twisted modules
Pages 65–78
M. R. Gaberdiel, T. Gannon,
home Hyperbolic Weyl groups and the four normed division algebras
Pages 53–64
A. J. Feingold, A. Kleinschmidt, H. Nicolai,
home Alternate notions of $N=1$ superconformality and deformations of $N=1$ vertex superalgebras
Pages 33–51
K. Barron,
home Vector-valued modular forms
Pages 19–31
P. Bantay,
home An analogue of modular BPZ-equation in logarithmic (super)conformal field theory
Pages 1–17
D. Adamović, A. Milas,