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Contemporary Mathematics
( Vol.493 NO.1 / 2009 )
home A bound of the number of reduced Arakelov divisors of a number field
Pages 399–408
T. Watanabe, R. Yoshimitsu,
home On a reciprocity theorem of Gauss
Pages 391–397
L.H. Walling,
home Reduction mod $ell$ of theta series of level $elll^n$
Pages 379–389
N.-P. Skoruppa,
home Enumerating perfect forms
Pages 359–377
A. Schurmann,
home Martin Kneser's work on quadratic forms and algebraic groups.
Pages 339–357
R. Scharlau,
home On the Pfister number of quadratic forms
Pages 327–338
R. Parimala, V. Suresh, J.-P. Tignol,
home Essential dimension
Pages 299–325
A.S. Merkurjev,
home The extensions of $Bbb R$-places and application
Pages 289–297
M. Machura, K. Osiak,
home A historical view of the Pythagoras numbers of fields
Pages 271–288
D.B. Leep,
home Hyper-isotropy of bilinear forms in characteristic 2
Pages 249–269
A. Laghribi, P. Mammone,
home Representation of integers by special positive definite integral quadratic forms
Pages 243–247
W. Kohnen,
home Specialization of forms in the presence of characteristic 2: first steps
Pages 219–241
M. Knebusch,
home On isotropy of quadratic pairs
Pages 211–217
N.A. Karpenko,
home Siegel modular forms of small weight and the Witt operator
Pages 189–209
T. Ibukiyama, S. Wakatsuki,
home On families of testing formulae for a pp formula
Pages 181–188
P. Gladki, M. Marshall,
home The first Zariski cohomology group of the Witt sheaf over a split simply connected simple algebraic group
Pages 163–179
S. Gille,
home Orthogonal involutions on algebras of degree 16 and the Killing form of $E_8$ (with an appendix by Kirill Zainoulline)
Pages 131–162
S. Garibaldi,
home Effective structure theorems for symplectic spaces via height
Pages 117–129
L. Fukshansky,
home Multiplicative properties of integral binary quadratic forms
Pages 107–115
A.G. Earnest, R.W. Fitzgerald,
home Solubility of Fermat equations
Pages 99–106
T.D. Browning, R. Dietmann,