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Contemporary Mathematics
( Vol.491 NO.1 / 2009 )
home New techniques for pointed Hopf algebras
Pages 323–348
N. Andruskiewitsch , F. Fantino,
home Closed orbits of semisimple group actions and the real Hilbert-Mumford function
Pages 283–321
P. Eberlein, M. Jablonski,
home The Gelfand-Zeitlin integrable system and its action on generic elements of $mathfrak gl(n)$ and $mathfrak so(n)$
Pages 255–281
M. Colarusso,
home Weighted Vogan diagrams associated to real nilpotent orbits
Pages 239–253
E. Galina,
home Certain components of Springer fibers: algorithms, examples and applications
Pages 209–238
L. Barchini, R. Zierau,
home Infinite dimensional multiplicity free spaces II: Limits of commutative nilmanifolds
Pages 179–208
J. A. Wolf,
home Application of the Weil representation: Diagonalization of the discrete Fourier transform
Pages 167–178
S. Gurevich, R. Hadani,
home Spherical functions for the action of a finite unitary group on a finite Heisenberg group
Pages 151–166
C. Benson, G. Ratcliff,
home Combinatorial properties of generalized binomial coefficients
Pages 141–150
C. Benson, G. Ratcliff,
home LR-algebras
Pages 125–140
D. Burde, K. Dekimpe, S. Deschamps,
home Heat content, heat trace, and isospectrality
Pages 115–123
P. Gilkey,
home Spectral properties of flat manifolds
Pages 83–113
R. J. Miatello, J. P. Rossetti,
home Mostow strong rigidity and nonisomorphism for outer automorphism groups of free groups and mapping class groups
Pages 57–81
L. Ji,
home Algebraic sets associated to isoparametric submanifolds
Pages 37–56
C. U. Sánchez,
home Einstein solvmanifolds and nilsolitons
Pages 1–35
Jorge Lauret,