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Contemporary Mathematics
( Vol.490 NO.1 / 2009 )
home Supersymmetry: A personal view
Pages 241–250
B. Zumino,
home Symmetry and Superstring Phenomenology
Pages 229–240
Mary K. Gaillard,
home Symmetric Spaces in Supergravity
Pages 203–227
Sergio Ferrara , Alessio Marrani,
home Special geometry of D = 4, 5 supersymmetry
Pages 189–199
Mar´ıa Antonia Lled´o, Jos´e Antonio L´opez,
home Quotients in Supergeometry
Pages 177–187
Luigi Balduzzi, Claudio Carmeli, Rita Fioresi,
home Super G-spaces
Pages 159–176
Luigi Balduzzi, Claudio Carmeli, Gianni Cassinelli,
home A multiplicity formula for tensor products of SL_2 modules and an explicit modules and an explicit $Sp_{2n}$ to ${m Sp}_{2n-2} imes{m Sp}_2$ branching formula
Pages 151–155
Nolan Wallach , Oded Yacobi,
home Conjugacy of maximal toral subalgebras of direct limits of loop algebras
Pages 133–150
Hadi Salmasian,
home On a theorem of Ranee Brylinski
Pages 105–132
Bertram Kostant , Nolan Wallach,
home Ka¸c algebras, quantum doubles and planar algebras
Pages 97–104
S. Jijo , V. S. Sunder,
home Geometric realization of PRV components and the Littlewood-Richardson cone
Pages 83–95
Ivan Dimitrov, Mike Roth,
home Quantizations of modules of differential operators
Pages 61–81
Charles H. Conley,
home Ideals in parabolic subalgebras of simple Lie algebras
Pages 47–60
Vyjayanthi Chari, R. J. Dolbin, T. Ridenour,
home Quantum Error Correcting Codes and Weyl Commutation Relations
Pages 29–43
K. R. Parthasarathy,
home Statistical models on a simplex
Pages 13–26
Enrico G. Beltrametti,
home The Role of Weak Convergence in Probability Theory
Pages 3–10
S. R. S. Varadhan,