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Contemporary Mathematics
( Vol.484 NO.1 / 2009 )
home Real and complex zeros of Riemannian random waves.
Pages 321-342
Steve Zelditch,
home Bernstein measures on convex polytopes.
Pages 295-319
Tatsuya Tate,
home Ray-Singer zeta functions for compact flat manifolds.
Pages 287-294
Toshikazu Sunada, Hajime Urakawa,
home On geometric analogues of the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture for low dimensional hyperbolic manifolds.
Pages 267-286
Ken-ichi Sugiyama,
home Semiclassical asymptotics on manifolds with boundary.
Pages 239-266
Nilufer Koldan, Igor Prokhorenkov, Mikhail Shubin,
home Lengths, quasi-morphisms and statistics for free groups.
Pages 219-237
Matthew Horsham, Richard Sharp,
home Computations of spectral radii on $scr G$-spaces.
Pages 195-218
Laurent Saloff-Coste, Wolfgang Woess,
home On the statistics of the minimal solution of a linear Diophantine equation and uniform distribution of the real part of orbits in hyperbolic spaces.
Pages 187-194
Morten S. Risager, Ze´ev Rudnick,
home Limiting distributions for geodesics excursions on the modular surface.
Pages 177-185
Mark Pollicott,
home Value distribution and distribution of rational points.
Pages 165-176
Junjiro Noguchi,
home Visualization of standard realized crystal lattices.
Pages 153-164
Hisashi Naito,
home Renormalized Rauzy-Veech-Zorich inductions.
Pages 135-151
Takehiko Morita,
home Chern-Simons variation and Deligne cohomology.
Pages 127-134
Masanori Morishita, Yuji Terash,
home A note on zero-free regions for the derivative of Selberg zeta functions.
Pages 117-125
Makoto Minamide,
home A Liouville property and its application to the Laplacian of an infinite graph.
Pages 103-115
Jun Masamune,
home Spectra of alternating Hilbert operators.
Pages 89-101
Nobushige Kurokawa, Hiroyuki Ochiai,
home Hidden symmetries and spectrum of the Laplacian on an indefinite Riemannian manifold.
Pages 73-87
Toshiyuki Kobayashi,
home A central limit theorem on modified graphs of nilpotent covering graphs.
Pages 59-72
Satoshi Ishiwata,
home Sunada's isospectrality technique: two decades later.
Pages 45-58
Carolyn Gordon,
home An overview of Sunada's work up to age 60.
Pages 7-42
Atsushi Katsuda, Polly Wee Sy,