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Contemporary Mathematics
( Vol.483 NO.1 / 2009 )
home Structure and representations of Jordan algebras arising from intermolecular recombination.
Pages 261-285
Sergei R. Sverchkov,
home Bases for direct powers.
Pages 253-259
Phill Schultz,
home Braided and coboundary monoidal categories.
Pages 229-251
Alistair Savage,
home A decomposition of $LF$-quasigroups.
Pages 221-227
Peter Plaumann, Liudmila Sabinina, Larissa Sbitneva,
home Unital algebras, ternary derivations, and local triality.
Pages 205-220
Jos´e M. P´erez-Izquierdo,
home The ideal of the Lesieur-Croisot elements of a Jordan algebra. II.
Pages 199-203
Fernando Montaner, Maribel Toc´on,
home A new proof of Itô's theorem.
Pages 195-197
Kurt Meyberg,
home Jordan superalgebras and their representations.
Pages 179-194
Consuelo Mart´ınez, Efim Zelmanov,
home Automorphisms of elliptic Poisson algebras.
Pages 169-177
Leonid Makar-Limanov, Umut Turusbekova, Ualbai Umirbaev,
home Maximal subalgebras of simple alternative superalgebras.
Pages 161-168
Jes´us Laliena, Sara Sacrist´an,
home On multiplicity problems for finite-dimensional representations of hyper loop algebras.
Pages 147-159
Dijana Jakeli´c, Adriano Moura,
home Group identities on symmetric units in alternative loop algebras.
Pages 137-145
Edgar G. Goodaire, C´esar Polcino Milies,
home Monoidal categories of comodules for coquasi Hopf algebras and Radford's formula.
Pages 107-135
Walter Ferrer Santos, Ignacio L´opez Franco,
home The supermagic square in characteristic 3 and Jordan superalgebras.
Pages 91-106
Isabel Cunha, Alberto Elduque,
home Universal enveloping algebras of the four-dimensional Malcev algebra.
Pages 73-89
Murray R. Bremner, Irvin R. Hentzel, Luiz A. Peresi, Hanid Usefi,
home Tits construction, triple systems and pairs.
Pages 63-72
Pilar Benito, Fabi´an Mart´ın-Herce,
home Derived categories for algebras with radical square zero.
Pages 55-62
Viktor Bekkert, Yuriy Drozd,
home Classifying simple color Lie superalgebras.
Pages 37-54
Yuri Bahturin, Duˇsan Pagon,
home Properties of some semisimple Hopf algebras.
Pages 23-36
V.A. Artamonov, I.A.hubarov,
home Akivis superalgebras and speciality.
Pages 13-22
Helena Albuquerque, Ana Paula Santana,