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Contemporary Mathematics
( Vol.471 NO.1 / 2008 )
home Integral representations for products of Airy functions and their fractional derivatives.
Pages 203-218
Vladimir Varlamov,
home Ramanujan's symmetric theta functions in his lost notebook.
Pages 187-202
Seung H. Son,
home A Taylor expansion theorem for an elliptic extension of the Askey-Wilson operator.
Pages 175-186
Michael J. Schlosser,
home An iterative method for numerical integration of rational functions.
Pages 161-174
Dante Manna, Victor H. Moll,
home P-symbols,Heun identities, and ${}_3F_2$ identities.
Pages 139-159
Robert S. Maier,
home Inequalities and bounds for elliptic integrals. II.
Pages 127-138
Haseeb Kazi, Edward Neuman,
home Approximations for zeros of Hermite functions.
Pages 117-126
Arp´ad Elbert, Martin E. Muldoon,
home Conformal maps to generalized quadrature domains.
Pages 105-116
Darren Crowdy, Jonathan Marshall,
home Evaluation of certain Mellin transformations in terms of the trigamma and polygamma functions.
Pages 85-104
Mark W. Coffey,
home Asymptotics of the second Painlevé equation.
Pages 69-83
Peter A. Clarkson,
home A generating function for the $N$-soliton solutions of the Kadomtsev-Petviashvili II equation.
Pages 47-67
Sarbarish Chakravarty, Yuji Kodama,
home Polynomials associated with partitions: asymptotics and zeros.
Pages 33-45
Robert P. Boyer, William M. Y. Goh,
home Sutherland-type trigonometric models, trigonometric invariants, and multivariate polynomials.
Pages 15-31
K. G. Boreskov, A. V. Turbiner, J. C. L´opez Vieyra,
home Fractional integration and fractional differentiation for $d$-dimensional Jacobi expansions.
Pages 1-14
Cristina Balderrama, Wilfredo O. Urbina R.,