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Contemporary Mathematics
( Vol.464 NO.1 / 2008 )
home Helgason's support theorem and spherical Radon transforms.
Pages 249-264
Eric Todd Quinto,
home A discrete Helgason-Fourier transform for Sobolev and Besov functions on noncompact symmetric spaces.
Pages 231-247
Isaac Pesenson,
home Harmonic analysis related to Schrödinger operators.
Pages 213-230
Gestur ´Olafsson, Shijun Zheng,
home Invariant functions on Grassmannians.
Pages 201-211
Gestur ´Olafsson, Boris Rubin,
home Explicit schemes in seismic migration and isotropic multiscale representations.
Pages 177-200
S. Jain, M. Papadakis, E. Dussaud,
home Smooth well-localized Parseval wavelets based on wavelet sets in $Bbb R^2$.
Pages 161-175
Kathy D. Merrill,
home Robustness of fusion frames under erasures of subspaces and of local frame vectors.
Pages 149-160
Peter G. Casazza, Gitta Kutyniok,
home Frame potential and finite abelian groups.
Pages 137-148
Brody D. Johnson, Kasso A. Okoudjou,
home Sums and products in finite fields: an integral geometric viewpoint.
Pages 129-135
Derrick Hart, Alex Iosevich,
home Invariant differential operators on matrix motion groups and applications to the matrix Radon transform.
Pages 107-127
Fulton B. Gonzalez,
home A computational complexity paradigm for tomography.
Pages 103-106
David Victor Feldman,
home Fourier series on fractals: a parallel with wavelet theory.
Pages 75-101
Dorin E. Dutkay, Palle E.T. Jorgensen,
home Decomposition and admissibility for the quasiregular representation for generalized oscillator groups.
Pages 51-73
Brad Currey, Tom McNamara,
home Complex sigma-delta quantization algorithms for finite frames.
Pages 27-49
John J. Benedetto, Onur Oktay, Aram Tangboondouangjit,
home Composite wavelet transforms: applications and perspectives.
Pages 1-25
Ilham A. Aliev, Boris Rubin, Sinem Sezer, Simten B. Uyhan,